Follow The PhD Dissertation Sample Pages

June 9th, 2009

Every university has a set of instructions to be followed by the students, and more so when it comes to the PhD dissertation. All of us know the high value of the degree of philosophy of doctor. Apart from the rules and regulations, the instructions include the specific page size and setup with margins, specific font type and size, the specifications regarding title, subtitle, italicized text, underlines text, capitalized text, and many more. All these may vary more or less from university to university. Apart from the chapter pages, the university may want their candidates to strictly adhere to the pages which are provided as PhD dissertation sample to them. These pages are the title page and other pages comprising the individual details with information about the PhD dissertation. is happy to teach you the correct dissertation writing. Following is an illustration of what sort of information you need to provide in a prescribed format.

• The approval page will have columns to be filled up by the candidate as well as the committee and the concerned department. It will include dissertation title, author (candidate), department, etc.—to be followed by the line denoting an approval; for instance, “Approved for Dissertation Requirement for the Doctor of Philosophy Degree.” This will be followed by the columns regarding the information of the dissertation advisor, dissertation readers (more than one), department head or chair, and the Director—all along with the date and signatures.

• The title page will begin with the title of the dissertation, exactly as prescribed in the PhD dissertation sample. This will be followed by a line something like—“A Dissertation presented by (Candidate’s full name).” Then comes the denotation of the department, plus the study field, plus the university. At the last, there will be the month and year of submission of completed dissertation.

• One more, rather uncommon, page called doctoral degree status sheet will require more details to be filled up starting from candidate’s name, candidate’s university ID, qualifying examination, proposed defense, to the satisfactory defense—along with the specific dates and signatures.

• Moreover, there will be a special format for the copyright page, dedication page, acknowledgement page, the table of contents, as well as the pages of references, bibliography, and appendices.

• The most significant matter is that you receive a full set of instruction, both the exact pages of PhD dissertation sample and the instructions documents. You have to make sure that you have all of them without a single miss of a paper. If you lose any of them, you will be facing difficulties during the project and, the most, at the time of submission of the dissertation.

• Thinking about what you have is good but thinking about what you miss is also necessary. To follow the instructions correctly is extremely important. Interestingly, an adherence to the format prescribed by your university will save your time and make things easy for you. Nowadays, the forms and formalities have been the important part of admission even at the KG; this is the PhD degree being the ultimate destination.

Remember that whatever dissertation help you may need, such as PhD dissertation sample, you will be provided by within the time limit you set.