PhD Dissertation Prospectus

June 19th, 2009

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Below is an example of dissertation prospects.

1. Coverage page
This contains the proposed title, your name, name of department, names of supervisory committee with approval signatures and applicable dates.

2. Table of contents
This will contain a list of chapters plus subchapters, sections plus subsection, headings plus subheadings, references, bibliography, abbreviations, and appendices—along with page numbers. The page numbers of the sections preceding the introduction should be printed with roman numerals (lowercase).

3. Abstract
A page for an exclusive summary of your entire project. This is a compact view of your entire set of papers. A time-consuming process.

4. Research problem
A clear statement reflecting the most appealing research problem of your PhD dissertation. It is also known as thesis statement and is too difficult due to its universally appealing nature. It should, simultaneously, be interested to you, accepted by your advisor, valued by the discipline, and achieved by the resources available to you.

5.1 Conceptual framework
The same is also known as the model and theoretical orientation, all indicating a need of growing or adopting abstract ideas which have a logical correlation with your research question or problem. It will include all necessary definitions, such as key terms.

5.2 Literature review
PhD project may not need a single separate literature review. But, it should be done alongside your presentation of research problem, and associated model and procedures. As such, your review will cover more and more literatures relevant to your topic and field.

6. Methodology
This is the section for your procedures, mostly the academic research—just like what journalists and authors do with careful research and data gathering. For PhD dissertation, the correctness of research status will depend largely on the conceptual framework and associated research question. The collected data and its analysis should have a thorough link with your research problem and the associated model.

The research designing must incorporate : The unit of analysis or observation; instruments and/or sources of data collection; necessary sampling; and necessary analytical techniques such as statistical techniques.

7. References
Not too long with a lonely purpose of identifying the works pertinent to your research problem.

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