M.Sc dissertation layout

January 12th, 2011

What an M.Sc dissertation layout looks like

There is a particular way that dissertations should look. How they look is very important when it comes to creating a layout for your dissertation. The m.sc dissertation layout is not as unique as we think. Many dissertations look the same but require some tweaking.

Regardless, you will need to have a dissertation proposal that will have to be either approved or denied before you can continue with your dissertation project. Some people choose to buy dissertations online or from another person who has written a dissertation that matches their requirements. Your m.sc dissertation layout will require this too.

But the layout of a dissertation mainly depends on the dissertation itself. All dissertations need a layout. All dissertations survive their process when there is a kind of layout in place. The layout is similar to instructions, similar to an outline of some kind. M.Sc dissertation layout is unique and yet familiar at the same time.

According to Southampton University, the msc dissertation layout could look like this:

m.sc dissertation layoutLayout

1.The dissertation should be typed on White Bond quality A4 paper (210 x 297 mm) on one side of the paper only; 1.5 line spacing.

2. Each page should have a left hand margin of at least 38mm (1.5″) to assist with any necessary guillotining. A right hand margin of approximately 13 mm (.5″) will suffice.

3. It is usual to number the preliminary pages (a-g below) in Roman numerals (i.e. I,II,III,IV,V etc.) and the body of the work in Arabic numerals (i.e. 1,2,3,4,5 etc.) Numbering should be in the centre of the page, either at the top or the bottom but consistent throughout.
a) Cover: The front cover must copy the information and layout of the Title Page (example attached). The top copy must be marked “Master Copy” in the top right hand corner (if your dissertation is photocopied and copies are of equal quality just ensure that one has the wording “Master Copy”). The date to be given is the year in which the dissertation will be examined.

Physical layout:

b) Blank Page: Normally included as part of the binding process.

c) Title Page: As for the cover (see attached sample).

d) Journal Style/Acknowledgements Page: The Journal(s) chosen as the model style(s) for the review paper and, if appropriate, the experimental paper should be stated. Acknowledgements are at the author’s discretion but normally include recognition of help given, copyright, special services etc.

e) Contents Page: List, chapter by chapter, the contents of the dissertation, including Abstracts for both the literature and experimental papers, any appendices and Reference list. Each item must have a page reference number in the dissertation.

f) List of Figures, Tables and Diagrams. If included in your dissertation, list under three headings, include page references number.

g) Summary: A précis of the whole work on one page.
h) Literature Review: Recommended word length (approx) = 4,000 for experimentally-based projects; 10,000 words for literature-based projects.

If you follow the layout, you will be successful in your m.sc dissertation layout. With a layout, it is easier to accomplish your dissertation goals. A layout can increase your likelihood for academic success.

Think of your layout to be similar to an outline that is created when writing a research paper. It could even be an outline for a movie, or a play. It’s a plan, your plan for your writing project.

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