Midwifery Dissertation Topics Ensuring Better Delivery Environment

February 12th, 2010

To address the matters affecting the profession and service of midwifery in your dissertations is a demanding task. You ought to explore them with those midwifery dissertation topics that lead to better health and wellbeing of newborns and their mothers. In case of any negative progression in your dissertation project, Dissertation-Service.co.uk is the most deserving site to seek help from. Believe it or not, we get the highest number of customers (aspiring students), be it because of our excellent quality, great services, and/or truly reasonable prices. Interesting is to know that our remarkable blog plays a significant role in popularizing us over the net. Just like you, reading this blog post, many people stumble across us through this blog. Its objective is to convey suggestions, advices, and information; hence, it is well written and well presented by flawless and easily-understandable language. And, for your sample requirement, we provide you with free dissertation samples; navigate to them by clicking this link.

• Starting from the history of midwifery up to the modern nurse midwifery, you have lost of midwifery dissertation topics to look into. Whatever research, investigation, or discovery you chase, you have to possess the foundational knowledge along with good literatures for constructing you literature review. So, you must avoid the tendency of choosing great topics without commitment to great endeavors in executing your dissertation. You have many things to follow one particular direction out of them. They include :

The various birth options with review and comparison
Progression of midwifery into the profession of nursing
Birthing centers offering prenatal counseling, care throughout child birth, and availability of doctors
Midwifery as the oldest medical profession dominated by women
Requirements of and expectations from the nurse midwifery
Nurse midwifery education
High rate of poor pregnancy outcomes
Public health nurses imparting prenatal instruction

• With these and more such points, you may formulate dissertation topic like—need of better approach towards providing better midwifery services to the underprivileged women, highly experiencing poor pregnancy outcomes. For such midwifery dissertation topics, if you could produce better knowledge in regard to welfare of poor women, there is no doubt about their value as the dissertation topic. The rest of the women, other than these, enjoy better facilities during pregnancies, mostly without complications. The objectives will also include welfare of children alongside their mothers. According to the Children’s Bureau, in Washington, D.C., 124 babies out of 1000 expired on an average with equal high rate of maternal mortality.

• And, you have the topic focusing on the history of midwifery. Ironically, when the women were accustomed to baby deliveries at homes, there was no scope for “exchange of babies”, which is highly vulnerable in hospital environment.

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