The Importance of Methodology

March 7th, 2009

During the study you will face different assignments of academic writing. Methodology section is an essential part of each and every piece of writing. This is section of a thesis or dissertation that provides details concerning goals of the research and the methods by which you are going to achieve those goals. You need to provide information on how you managed to collect the appropriate data for the research process and which resources were used. How to write methodology remains a complex issue for many students while writing up a dissertation or research proposal.

Methodology writing tips

  1. First and foremost you should choose appropriate methods for data collecting and data analyzing stages. There are a lot of available methods that can be used for these stages, for example, interviews, questionnaires, data mining, statistical analysis, convent analysis or semiotic analysis.
  2. After that you should choose appropriate format and stick to it. In this case methodology sample can cone in handy. There you would be able to find suitable format for writing your methodology section.
  3. General introduction of the methodology should be fit in one single paragraph with its own heading. The same goes with the summary of all methodologies.
  4. Expanded methodology should have headings and subheadings. The first part of it should address your data-gathering methods. Here you are to state all methods that were used for collecting data and give reasonable explanations for choosing these particular methods. The second part of methodology should contain data analysis stage. Here you may include also several subheadings with sections concerning materials, participants, equipment and step-by-step procedure of research process.
  5. The stage of framing the methodology chapter is the real essence for writing this section. Thus you would be able to create well-written, clear and logically structured part of the research paper.
  6. Proofread and edit your written work. Remember that grammar and spelling correctness is vital for your writing.

Essential points of methodologies

To know and, then, explain the chief aims of your dissertation methodology is the initial step when the question how to write methodology comes to your mind.

  1. The introduction of the methodology should contain the main issues of the research paper and the introductory part of the research subject. Good introduction is essential because it captures the reader’s attention.
  2. The main body of the text contains the extended explanation of the introduction. Here you are to include reviews, opinions and references concerning the main research subject.
  3. It is vital to provide information concerning data collection and analysis in the research method section.
  4. The conclusion of the methodology should answer the most essential questions of the research subject.

Methodology writing assistance

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