Master’s Dissertation Layout

January 27th, 2011

Having a Master’s Dissertation Layout

Writing a master’s dissertation layout is very simple and easy. Its very much like any kind of layout for any dissertation. If you follow the layout, you will not have to rewrite your dissertation. But if you choose to neglect the layout, you may have to start your dissertation all over again.

Writing a dissertation can be very difficult . It is even more difficult if you do not follow the layout given. Follow the layout and I promise that you will not have to spend endless hours rewriting your dissertation.Or, you can do what several people do and just buy dissertation.They leave it to the last resort and they just end up making a purchase on an online data base. A master’s Dissertation Layout as mentioned before is very similar to any layout for a dissertation.

Below you will see a list of things that need to be incorporated into your master’s dissertation layout in order to be successful. All dissertations will require a layout. And all will also require a proposal. Make sure you get your dissertation proposal approved before you move forward with your work.

Keep your mind focused on master’s dissertation layout. It will make your writing experience more exciting and more comprehensive not just for you, but for those reading it after you.

Speaking to your advisor about your master’s dissertation layout and  on the particular layout required for your specific dissertation would be a wise move to make. It may differ from college to college or university. Just make sure to have that open communication with him or her so that you are clear what you need to do.

Masters dissertation layoutLayout

Title page:

The title of your dissertation should be in CAPS and in the center. Give at least four line space then write your name, also centered. After some more line spaces write the name of your university and department. Follow these requirements to the T and you will not have to redo this part of your dissertation.


Here you thank those who have assisted you in your dissertation writing. The people you would aknowledge would be the people who helped you such as your advisor, friends, family, neighbors-anyone who you felt is important enough to be in your acknowledgement.

Table of contents:

They should include all your chapters and sub chapters along with their page numbers. Make sure to be as specific as possible since this will be the section people will use as reference.

Dissertation Abstract

Abstract should be one paragraph summarizing the whole dissertation having all the important points in it. Think of this section as a summary of something you have not really written yet. But it gives an introduction to your actual project.

Dissertation literature review

All your facts, data and research work in put into the literature survey chapter. It is the body of your whole dissertation. The body will be many many paragraphs and is the bulk of your entire dissertation.


you state your population size along with your data collection methods. This part explains how you obtained all of your data and where you are heading next.

Dissertation conclusion:

summarize all you findings and work. Be precise and mention all your findings. If you fail to mention all of your findings, you may receive a lower grade.

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