Referring Master Dissertation Proposal Sample

May 27th, 2009

Due to its high significance, the master dissertation demands for a special treatment; and starting with an extraordinary proposal is the very first step for your successful dissertation project. A successful first step is the prerequisite for the successful last step. How excellent this first step can be is apparent when you observe a good master dissertation proposal sample, which you can get from If you wish, your dissertation proposal can be as good as a pre-launch product advertisement, telecast or published on various media, say, a new model of car. You can interweave your marketing sense with your writing skills.

It is imperative that for winning a good favorable ground, your proposal must contain five elements.

• Significant question, problem, or hypothesis (or simply the thesis statement)
• Significant worth attached to your research
• Significant background (or simply the literature review)
• Significant illustration of methodology (or simply methodology chapter)
• Significant would-be results

Your dissertation proposal should be an analysis of the usefulness of your topic with the objectives in a precise text, say, two to four pages. You will be able to do this as much as the topic falls under the area of your interest, ability, and affordability. As indicative from the good master dissertation proposal sample, the candidate should be able to justify his or her stance with the worthiness of what s/he is trying to prove, within the preset time limit, as being a true compensation for the precious hours of efforts.

If you can put quotations of well-known personalities advocating the need of the research, it will serve as a great force for the success of your paper. Your proposal should reflect completely that you possess a reasonable command over your topic with needful knowledge about what have already been done.

The most important aspect is the methodology. You have to provide all information but with concise content—your plan, methods, tools, people, etc. You are also expected to write about the alternative methodology. No matter if sounding like a rough work as long as it provides a full picture of your future approach. As apparent from the good master dissertation proposal sample, if you methodology contains a questionnaire for gathering evidence, it should be discussed with all possibilities of the anticipated results—positive, negative, unsatisfactory, or no result at all.

Remember that your methodology will be considered the highest while assessing the significance of your project. Similarly, it will be the literature review taken into consideration for judging the credibility of your topic.

As general contents, the sample will always include the following matters.

• Introduction comprising of the main issue, significance of topic, research perspective, strength and weakness, main anticipations, and the likely contribution rendered.

• Background perspective or the literature review depicting the already done research with apparent need for your proposed research.

• Narration of the research methodology or methodology chapter showing your plan and methods with tools and techniques.

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