Tips To Improve Your MA Dissertation Chapters

November 12th, 2011

Good MA Dissertation Chapters – Your Pass To Quality Degree

MA dissertation is one of the master’s dissertations requiring treatment beyond the ordinary level. You are never supposed to deal with the same way you have been doing with the earlier dissertations. Here, the purpose of dissertation becomes more valuable, offering more substantial opportunity to the students for studying a chosen suitable subject with utilizing the techniques developed during the research segment. Therefore, your responsibilities increase with the MA dissertation, demanding a special care for each of the MA dissertation chapters, mainly the literature review and the methodology chapter. There are many more articles on these two chapters on

Remember that the MA dissertation is going to assess your strength or weakness in defining a meaningful thesis in context to the past and present academic research scenario. You have to manifest your ability of independent thinking, critical and analytical power, and specialty of adequate research methods—all with the good interpreted presentation of the pertinent materials in sufficient quantity. Plus, with similar importance, you need to exhibit your writing talent to compose all the chapters, results, conclusion, etc. with a look of expert writing—no mistakes of grammar, punctuation, spelling, and/or sentence formation. A good structure with every thing in a right place including referencing and bibliography is a must for MA dissertation.

• Tips for literature review as one of MA dissertation chapters
At this level you cannot have the foolish misconception about literature review rigidly associated with the literary works of poets and authors. First search, more search, and extra search for finding out all possible, available, or accessible materials which are relevant to your topic and field of study. Then, do reading, more reading, and extra reading to determine which of them match the highest with your topic or thesis statement. Select the most appealing reference(s) which you have understood completely and can explain meaningfully to others. Now, put aside all your personal views, bias, interest, etc. and prepare an outline of what the writer(s) expresses. Maintaining the same tone you have to present their viewpoints with what they (researchers) have studied. You need to use a favorable language to support your reviewed substance and your new research as well—for proving the credibility.

• Tips for methodology chapter as one of MA dissertation chapters
You need to be certain about first formatting your methods and then implementing them. Again, you will need a high degree of information in terms of what you can do to prove your point. Pay attention to the appropriateness of your methodology in context to your topic area; your familiarity with research methodology is going to be assessed. All necessary charts, maps, diagrams, figures, and/or tables for data analysis are essential—no excuse in this regard. Similarly, the strength and limitations of your approach are also significant factors to discuss. Also, candid declaration about your failure in experimentation of your methods will add grandeur to your chapter. Any misleading discussion will not help and may bring you the negative points.

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