The Preparations For Your MA Dissertation

March 25th, 2009

You may be thinking about your would-be MA dissertation if you are either preparing for your actual Master’s degree or likely to pursue that in a near future. It is also possible that you come across some gossip narrating the woes associated with dissertation writing. In fact, there is nothing wrong in such type of negative image. But, obviously, it is also not an impossible goal either, provided that you devote sufficient time to researching extensively, and developing and organizing your ideas.

• Whatever may be you study field, there are always too many different types of ideas.
• While choosing your topic you have to be extremely attentive because it can be a misleading task.

This is because idealistically you are likely to choose something which you are interested in but also not an expert of; and this mindset may reflect your biased thinking within your master dissertation. Similarly, if you choose something beyond your personal interest, you will find the process to be burdensome—no doubt paving the way for negative points.

• Therefore, you need to select a balanced approach lying in-between these two situations with a chosen topic having sufficient ground, but not too broader—simply that for which you can prove something different.

For instance, unless you possess some innovative thoughts about Milton’s poetries—something never-before researched, attempted, or written—you are advised to honestly leave that topic.

• You should also be away from the subjects which are too obscure for you with no real sources or sources with no availability; because in situation like this, you will greatly lack needful material to support your arguments.

• Moreover, your chosen theme is going to largely concern you dissertation methodology, which is one more logic for choosing a correct topic.

• With no exception, your sources need to be fully relevant to your topic and shown through your methodology. Otherwise, your MA dissertation is prone to degradation even before its real presentation.

• Equally important is the solid thesis statement with your ability of proving your hypothesis—without which your paper is likely to be ordinary one, and all your efforts will be in vain.

• You are encouraged to eliminate any hesitation for seeking dissertation help.

You can consult your professor or advisor for any issue such as the right dissertation ideas. These are the people with the expertise, offering you valuable information for your MA dissertation. Of course, you have to possess an instinct of asking them as well as accepting their help. Remember, they are more experienced than you; they can catch you whenever you fall down, and their assistance can be a winning strategy.

Lastly, think that your MA dissertation is a milestone for your further academic career. Be serious about all your efforts that you put in for truest compensation in terms of good results. But, your mind should not be full of anxiety leading to a conclusion that this is something impossible for you. Rather, you must take this as a challenge and opportunity for the sake of your expertise as well as that of your study field.