How to Choose a Good Literature Review Sample

March 13th, 2009

The importance of literature review

Literature review is an essential point of every dissertation or other kind of academic writing. With its help you can establish the credibility of your entire project. It is not just essay writing or a summary of the publication. Literature review is actually written in a format of critical analysis performed on all available data for the chosen topic. This section contains overview of published information concerning the chosen topic and makes a point of relationship between different written works about the research subject. In so much as the literature review is one of the most important parts of the dissertation you should strain every nerve when writing it. In order to hit the spot of writing good literature review you should consult a literature review sample.

Basic points of literature reviews

It is necessary to know the basic points of literature review in order to choose appropriate sample.

  • Reviewing novels or poems is not applicable to the dissertation literature review.
  • The ideal literature review is understandable and easy to follow. Take it into consideration when writing this section of the dissertation.
  • Literature review involves different thoughts out of published sources concerning your topic.
  • Good literature reviews are built on reliable and solid sources.
  • Reviews include information on restrictions and limitations of the chosen topic. Also it is appropriate to state strength and weakness of pieces of evidence used in your research process.

The importance of literature review samples

First and foremost if you can find a well-written and well-formatted literature review sample you will have a need in any other help.

  • Taking into consideration that writing style of literature review is informative and opinioned, sample can familiarize you with this format.
  • With help of literature review sample you can get acquainted with what kind of content belongs in literature reviews and what format these reviews often have.
  • You can use appropriate sample as a basis for your own literature review.
  • Good literature review samples are based on reliable and solid sources. You should do the same with your literature review.

Where to find appropriate literature review samples?

In order to derive benefit from samples you have to search at many places.

  • The most appropriate resource of the samples is library. Here you can find piles of books concerning the chosen topic.
  • You can use internet in order to find necessary information about your field of study. Nevertheless, not all the websites can be considered as reliable. That is why you should choose the website with great care
  • We can provide you with all necessary information concerning your literature review. You can trust our highly qualified writers to know how to go about collecting information, before they craft your literature review. Also you can find outstanding literature review samples that are really helpful in writing different kinds of reviews.