Master Literature Review For Master Dissertation

October 26th, 2009

In a dissertation, the past scenario or an account of past up to the present is called literature review. This review gets higher importance with superior level of your assignment; it means you will need a master review for a master dissertation. We have restructured numerous reviews since the launching of We have noticed that students make some common and typical mistakes as well as few serious mistakes in their reviews. We, therefore, sympathetically urge to them to first study the samples of this review before they write one on their own. Contact our support staff (available 24/7) and let us know which kind of sample you need.

• The review of literature is an explanation regarding what has been done and “published” by “authentic” researchers on a concerned topic. In essence, it will get first-rate significance when it comes to the master dissertation because this paper necessitates advance-level knowledge in contrast to the general knowledge of the undergraduate paper. And, of course, with the correspondingly lengthy literature review, the overall dissertation length at this level will be absolutely extensive (10,000 to 15,000 words typically).

• This type of dissertation is basically a research-based endeavor which can also be further categorized in the following types—empirically oriented, laboratory oriented, literature survey oriented, and combination oriented (empirically plus literature survey).

• For an effective review, you need to undergo critical reviews of the literatures you have with you. While reviewing, concentrate on only those thoughts that revolve around your research question(s). Then, applying an organized mindset, synthesize the results into a summary of known as well as unknown information. Draw attention toward the controversial matters existing in the literatures. And, also discuss the possibilities or essentiality of further research.

• Step-by-step following the prescribed dissertation format will result in additional benefits to your paper. Keep in mind that the full of relevance, facts, and usefulness are the real virtues for any literature review. Do never forget about necessary citing with adequate citing style. Being in constant touch with your advisor is necessary because there are many common things which you cannot make a decision for on your own; for e.g., the exceeding word count.

• Remember that the dissertation at the master level is characterized by the generic skills, individualistic involvement, and the skills of dissertation writing; you need to make a good combination. As the generic skills, you should put into practice your good of—time management, organized approach, discipline, communication, listening, technicality, learning, and sociability. For the individual involvement, you must develop self motivation, self confidence, and good concentration. You will have to put extra emphasis on honing you writing skills—most significantly for the research proposal, review writing, and the methodology section.

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