Factors Influencing Literature Review For Dissertation

July 24th, 2009

When you pass on some public news to anybody, s/he is not going to believe without a reference of valid source such as a popular TV channel, say, CNN, or any famous newspaper. Applying the same doctrine, for your research or dissertation, nobody is going to believe, unless and until you provide few solid references. Literature review for dissertation is one of the most problematic issues for the students because it requires both the good search as well as good writing. DissertationService.co.uk’s mission is a fullest satisfaction of the customers; unlike others we keep working till the peak of your satisfaction with all required revised drafts—free of cost. Following factors are very influential for literature review writing.

Whatever material you are reviewing must be “relevant” to your dissertation topic. This is a first condition. If there is an abundance of materials, you will need to first identify the most relevant ones and then present them to the readers with good review. Sometime, after such identification, you still have to indulge in finding the most relevant information out of the lengthy text of those relevant sources.

Mediatory mechanism
You have to assume yourself to be just a mediator between the source(s) and your readers. This means that the literature review for dissertation is supposed to convey the referred information to the readers with an approach of “as it is”; but this does never mean the act of copy and paste. The referred author(s) is at the central position and what s/he says is important. There is no value of your individual opinion in your dissertation literature review. Of course, you can apply a language with favoritism for your new research.

Good support
Your review must in all cases provide good support to your new research, study, or investigation. In fact this is the real purpose. The literature review serves the basic purpose of presenting the validity of what you are going to do or what you have done. From where the issue has been derived or where it relates to from the existing areas of knowledge is a big interest of the committee approving your proposal. In addition to this, the literature review for dissertation, as one of its chapters will provide the sufficient background required for the understanding of your project. Thus, for both the proposal and dissertation itself, the review must prove to be a good support, just like what the pillars do to the building.

DissertationService.co.uk is very aware of this dubious issue of literature review; we have too much information available on our site about this particular chapter. We believe in efforts, we believe in results, and we never reject any of the students’ orders on the ground of the complicatedness involved. Bring any sort of issue related to the literature review making to us. You will assuredly get it solved by most valuable dissertation help from most eligible staff of dissertation writers, provided that you describe your issue clearly. It is a matter of fact that colleting sources and information may be an easy task but to compose a good literature review for dissertation out of them is always a tough job.