List Of Dissertation Topics Versus Holistic Approach

January 9th, 2010

When time arrives for choosing dissertation topic, students generally take it that they have to choose any topic to initiate their dissertation program. They avail themselves of a list of dissertation topics and after referring to them, finalize one topic the way they select their t-shirt. At, one of our business policies is no publication of free topics for dissertations, no matter how much it works against our popularity. In stead of the free topics, we provide you with dissertation samples, 100% free—i.e. accessible to all without paying anything. However, we do accept your order on topic-related matters and satisfy you with great ideas. And, because the topic issue comes at the beginning, our experts will have a greater scope for research to come up with best topics.

• Doing the dissertation with just any topic and with the best topic are two widely differing situations. In fact, to expose the vast varieties of possible topics, you have to make efforts in researching them. There are students who endeavor hard but by keeping in mind only one-sided quest without the list of dissertation topics. They holistically try to find out the topic that is best for them. It is good if you can reach your favorite topic by this way.

• But practically, this holistic approach conceals possibilities of other topics by highlighting only one direction. And, considering this, there is logic in providing the dissertation topic list to the students so that they can have better exposure to many ideas, as many as possible. With list of topics, at one point you have items to select one from, and at other point, you have a clear understanding about which topics you are rejecting. The opting for should be a simultaneous process along with the opting out of.

• Interestingly, to label something as favorable, you must have knowledge about what is unfavorable. You cannot make sure that the dissertation topic you have chosen is the most appropriate to you unless you have a good list of dissertation topics.

• If your institution avail you the topic list, it reduces your efforts, but if not so, you should try to first list the topics that seem suitable to you. Moreover, the list also helps at the time of any discrepancy developed after you have chosen your topic. When you come to a decision of shifting to another topic, it will show other options that you can switch to.

• All in all, the holistic approach focused in one direction only cannot guarantee you that your chosen direction is the best. Plus, it can make you tired due to one-sidedness or even frustrated when you fail to formulate that particular topic at last. So, keep all options open by considering all or many possibilities.

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