Know Better About The Dissertation Structure

July 10th, 2009

While reading and learning about dissertation you would have frequently come across the term “structure” and the adjective “structurally.” This is because unlike the term paper—with introduction, body, and conclusion—the dissertation is written more as a segmental entity. Dissertation structure is an order of content according to which it should be written, printed, and presented. For easy, better, and quick understanding, there cannot be a better alternative than well-prepared dissertation samples; and for availing of these samples there cannot be a better alternative than the with its alluring dissertation writing services.

• When it is said that your dissertation should be structurally correct, it refers to the order of sections as announced by your institution.

• In fact, dissertation format, style, template, and structure are the alternatively and intermittently used terms denoting one and the same thing. Rather, it can be said that the format is a much-detailed specifications including font, paper size, page number, color of text, color of paper, etc. And, the template can be described as a well-printed set of papers released by the university to present the text within the preset space.

• A proper order of dissertation structure makes things easy to be read and studied by the readers; one can easily locate and relocate the particular information situated anywhere inside the entire text of the papers. Dissertation is undoubtedly a lengthy procedure, and therefore, it cannot be prepared from start to conclusion in one go.

• The structures differ among others, slightly or widely, but generally a simple structure can be as follows.

Title page
Approval page(s)
Table of contents
List of tables, illustrations, figures, etc.
Chapters (introduction, literature review, methodology chapter, and conclusion)

• The acknowledgement page and dedication page are also preferred by many universities. Moreover, the chapters may be titled differently by different institutions; for instance, the literature review is labeled as literature search. It is advised that you discuss the structure of your particular dissertation with your supervisor so as to avoid any misconception and to be aware of latest updates. The supervisor is the administrative helper for your dissertation structure and nobody else can help you better in this regard.

• Almost everything will be written in the instruction papers; but you may face difficulties in comprehending. Clear you doubts by consulting your supervisor—specifically about the following :

Whether to start new section from new page or not.
Whether to use only double spacing or single spacing also alternatively.
Whether to write on one side of the page or both sides.
Whether to apply special style for quotations and notes or not.
Whether to follow the standard default margins or any liberty in that regard.

• Sometimes, some specifications may not be prescribed and though they are expected as a part of the students’ practical understanding. For instance, the number one to nine are always spelled out, and 10 and greater than that are written in figures. Also, the text should be justified, which you should be aware of.

With good adherence to the dissertation structure, your dissertation may look better than what it is; and similarly, with poor structure, it may look weaker than what it actually is. has lots of excellent samples, each of them are better than the rest.