Islamic banking dissertation

September 11th, 2010

What we know about Islamic banking dissertations

You do not need to be of the Islamic monotheistic religion to write an Islamic banking dissertation. Writing a dissertation of this nature can be difficult but also extremely fulfilling. You can guarantee that the aspect of religion and faith will be used to govern this type of piece of writing. So, do your research and keep an open mind!

Like a doctoral dissertation or a thesis dissertation, there are certain rules and steps that need to be followed in order to produce a good piece of writing.

Often times we need dissertation examples to help us get started. Feel free to click on the link and hopefully the link will give you a better idea of what to write. But for now, I would like to talk to you about the structure of an Islamic banking dissertation. An Islamic banking dissertation is a dissertation about how to bank within the Islamic culture. Many every day rituals and activities are governed by religion with this particular people group.

Some subtopics you may want to think about before writing your Islamic banking dissertation are below:

1. Is Islamic banking really Islamic?
2. How can an Islamic banking grow if interest is not involved?
3. What to do if I am setting up an Islamic bank?
4. How do I integrate Islamic concepts into modern banking system.

It is easier to put your subtopic in the form of a question. It also allows for easier searching on the web and the use of other resources. When you take the time to sit down and think of how you are going to represent your dissertation on Islamic banking, you need to keep in mind how your writing will be presented. There is a structure that needs to be present in your writing. Everything essentially leads to steps that are inevitable.

There are overall banking dissertation subtopics to think about. Read the list below and see if there is any subtopic that you could apply to your Islamic banking dissertation.

Here they are:

thesis dissertation, dissertation example, doctoral dissertation1. Asset management
2. Leasing Saving bonds
3. Which bank to choose for small company accounts?
4. Offshore banking Rise in interest rates and its effect of banks.

Even the general subtopics can greatly influence your final product which is, in this case, writing an Islamic banking dissertation. Think about the questions above and see if you can use these questions, or subtopics to help you write your dissertation.

Every dissertation has structure and requirements. The most important thing to note is the importance of having your proposal approved. Once it is approved, you can move forward. So be wise and choose a subtopic that will behoove you and allow you to not only write, but also to learn about the subtopic of your dissertation. Pick your subtopic carefully and write with fervor.

Structure of  the inside of just about any dissertation is as follows:

a. Title page
b. Acknowledgments
c. Chapter 1: Introduction
d. Chapter 2: Definition
e. Chapter 3: Conceptual Model
f. Chapter 4: Experiment
g. Chapter 5: Collolarities and Consequences
h. Chapter 6: Conclusion
i. Abstract

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