How to write an essay conclusion

February 6th, 2011

Do you want to know how to write an essay conclusion?

Every beginning has an end. Every end must commence a beginning. Knowing how to write an essay conclusion is very important when you walk into college.

Hopefully, before you graduate eighth grade, you would have had some practice with writing essays. As a teacher I have my children write essays. They started writing essays in the second grade and now they are in the sixth grade and are able to tie a logical essay together and write a conclusion that drives home the point.

If you know how to write an introduction, you know how to write a conclusion. A conclusion is like saying “goodbye” or “see you later”. It is basically the opposite of a greeting. When you conclude a story, you usually give a moral or a wrap up of what you said so that the person listening has a better understanding of what you were talking about. Dissertations can be very easy to write.

how to write an essay conclusionWhen you write a conclusion you are doing a few things:

1.Revisit your introduction. Your introduction will have everything you will need for your conclusion. Without your introduction, it will be impossible to write  a conclusion. Your introduction introduces the concept and theory to the listeners.

2.Your conclusion is supposed to restate your introduction. If your introduction has a topic sentence or a thesis statement, make sure you repeat your topic or thesis statement in your conclusion.

3. Leave the reader wanting to know more of what you have for them. Leave them “hangingin” like we like to call it.

A good writer in any essay, story, or novel will leave their reader hanging. If you do not leave your reader hanging, you will miss the point for writing. Your conclusion does not always have to be the “end all be all”, but your conclusion can also be an introduction to a new thought process.

When you learn how to write an essay conclusion, you are telling your reader that your thought process, for that time period, is over and that you are wanting to to begin a new thought.

When you write an essay, you will usually have a conclusion for each paragraph. But what you want to know really is how to conclude an entire thought. In order to have a conclusion, you need to have your dissertation proposal approved.

When you conclude an entire thought, you are telling your listener what you have mentioned previously, but this time, in a nut shell.

Many times a conclusion will leave you breathless and gasping for air. A conclusion is the last signature of your piece. It determines the outcome of the topic sentence.

You can practice writing conclusions by doing some online searches. Many sites will give you great examples on how to end an essay. But it really does depend on you and your taste. It depends on what you want your reader to take away. You can even buy a dissertation if you feel that you need to.

If you are not sure what you want your reader to take away and do not know how to write an essay conclusion, do not hesistate to call us. We are available and have very capable writers who are willing to assist you with your writing needs. Take the time and contact us and we will make your writing more enjoyable.