How to write a Dissertation introduction

April 20th, 2011

Knowing how to write a dissertation introduction

For every start there is a finish. For every ending there is a beginning. Knowing how to write a dissertation introduction can seem difficult but is really quite simple. If you can write a dissertation or an essay, you will have to write an introduction.

Writing an introduction is the most important part of your essay or dissertations. You cannot complete a paper without an introduction. Knowing how to write a dissertation introduction is very important for the development of your entire essay.

Before you can even write an introduction you need to first know what your topic is about. One you know how to write a dissertation introduction, you will do well.  Follow these simple steps below to help guide you!

how to write a dissertation introductionSteps

1.Pick a topic

2.Narrow your topic in order to find more results

3.Create a good proposal

4.Show your advisor your proposal for approval

5.Look at your topic and figure out what you want to get out of it

6.Now you are ready for your introduction


1.Should be 3-5 sentences long

2.First sentence or two should be a “hook”.

3.Third or fourth sentences should be informational or factual

4.The last sentence should be your thesis statement

Explanations for Numbers:

1. Your introduction needs to be between 3 and 5 sentences long. It should not be longer. If it is longer, it is possible that you may bore the reader. Be quick and concise.

2. Your first two sentences should grab someone’s attention. You want them to be hooked on your introduction and on your future paper. If you can’t hook your reader, you will not have a good outcome. The hook could be a quote or a saying. Your hook could also be a quick excerpt but you do not want to exceed the amount of sentences otherwise it could get boring.

3. The next couple of sentences are usually factual. Informational material is important in the introduction. You do not want to put too much information but just enough to hold the attention of the factual person who is reading your essay.

4. The last sentence of your essay needs to be your thesis.  Your thesis is the sentence that states your main point and idea. Your thesis will either be proven or disproved depending on which way you lean.

All dissertation writing has some kind of an introduction. Even the good ole PHD dissertation has an introduction. They are the instigator of all writing pieces.

There are good introductions and there are bad introductions. Good introductions gives the reader a clear linear plan on what you will be talking about. A bad introduction is all over the paper. There is not order to it.

A good introduction leaves a reader with the desire to read further. It convinces a person that you know what you are doing and that you are going to entertain them.

A bad introduction leave a person with no desire to read your essay or dissertation. If you know how to write write a dissertation introduction, you need to just make sure that you do not fall into the “bad” crowd when it comes to the introduction itself.

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