How to write a dissertation conclusion

August 28th, 2011

How to write a dissertation conclusionDo you know how to write a dissertation conclusion?

Probably the most fun part of writing an essay, or a dissertation is the conclusion part. The conclusion is always exciting because it basically means you are fnished. But not all conclusions have a positve and happy ending. And not all conslusions are simple to write. Knowing how to write a dissertation conclusion will make your venture into dissertation writing a lot smoother and more comprehensive.

Just like a dissertation introduction, knowing how to write a dissertation conclusion can be exhilerating. There are certain requirements for a conclusion. In your conclusion you need to remember several things. You also need to remember that a dissertation proposal is necessary for your dissertations. It is also possible to buy dissertations online. This will give you an example of a dissertation conclusion.

Remember for Conclusions

1. This is not time to analyze information. Your body is used for the analyzation of information in your dissertation.

2. You are giving a constructive and precise evaluation of your findings.

3. Identify common and distinctive features of your findings.

4. Here you will demonstrate the results of your findings.

Just like in an introduction, you have a thesis statement or the statement you are trying to either prove or disprove. Your conclusion should restate your thesis but this time, with results of whether you proved or disproved your point.

The importance of knowing how to write a dissertation conclusion is huge. If you think it is not as important as the other sections of your dissertations, you are mistaken and this can lead to a lower grade.

Why the conclusion is important:

1. Demonstrates your comprehension of the subject matter.

2. Teaches you to organize your ideas in a manner that is most condusive to your project.

3. Helps you highlight key information that you have researched for your dissertation

There are other things that need to be mentioned in your conclusion.

Things to mention:

1. Opposing beliefs

2. Issues that are not mentioned!

3. Prove, prove, prove!

4. Disprove, disprove, disprove!

Remember that part of knowing how to write a dissertation conclusion is knowing how to gather all of your important data and information and put it into a cohesive, comprehensive group of paragraphs. Your conclusion should have between 3-5 sentneces if it is a simple conclusion and if it is a complicated conclusion, you should not surpase a page. You do not want to bore your readers with the information you are presenting them with.

Your conclusion is usually the last chapter of your dissertation. Here are some ideas on how to set up yoru conclusion. Once you know how to set up your conclusion, you will be more comfortable with how to write a dissertation conclusion.

Set up:

1. Introduction (1 sentence introducing your conclusion)

2. Research objectives (summarizing your findings and your results)

3. Recommendations (about 1 sentence on your types of recommendations)

4. Limitations (what sets you apart or what can hinder the outcome of your research and results.)

5. Self-reflection (deals with how you felt about completing this assignment, what you learned, and how you could apply what you learned.)

Remind yourself not to bore your readers with too much information. If you bore them, you score may suffer.

If you have any trouble with writing a dissertation conclusion, feel free to contact us. We are here to serve you on a 24/7 basis.