How to write a dissertation

October 12th, 2010

Msc dissertation, masters dissertation, online dissertationKnowing how to write a dissertation

Everyone to some degree knows how to write. If they have had formal schooling at some point or another, they should know the basic structures of writing. Writing can be easy and fun if you allow your mind to soar and explore new heights. But for some, writing is hard. And because it is hard, they need a guide.
Knowing how to write a dissertation is and will always be essential for writing your actual dissertation. If you do not know how to write a dissertation, you will probably not graduate university or the college of your choice. It takes time and effort to produce a post graduate dissertation of this caliber. So, following instructions on how to write a dissertation is extremely important.
There are many dissertations to choose from. The MSC dissertation and your masters dissertation may pose some difficulty because they sound more complicated than normal. But even these dissertations have a guide on how to write a dissertation.
Writing an online dissertation also requires instructions and if these instructions are not followed, your online dissertation may be a failure.
My main suggestions are:

1. Plan ahead
2. Have perseverance

Without these two qualities, you may find that you run into problems that could have been solved if only you had had perseverance and had planned your writing ahead.

You need to know that good writing is very important in your dissertation. Make sure to also have a clear guideline of expectations for yourself.

You must outlast your committee and the good thing is, your committee is must older than you are and it won’t be hard to outlast them.

When writing your dissertation there is a list of things you would like to avoid. Specific words/phrases in particular include:

Jokes-no place in your document
Watch your adverbs-try not to overuse them
Seem-what seems?
This seems to show-more definite
Kind of– speculating
Lots of-indefinite number
Sort of-not sure
Type of-specific
Just about-relative
Due to-due to what? Be more bold and specific
Probably-be sure, not unsure

Above are words or phrases that should be avoided in your dissertation.

Keep in mind that when you learn how to write a dissertation, you are learning the structure of a dissertation as well. Knowing the structure of a dissertation is essential before you begin writing.

First: create and abstract-a summary
Second: Contents pages-will tell you what is in the document and where you can find it and is marked with page numbers.
Third: introduction-talks about the focus on your assignment.
Fourth: Literary survey-talks about the articles and resources you have in your writing.
Fifth: Method-what route did you take in finding your information.
Sixth: Data-here you will present your data that you have collected.
Seventh: discussion-talk and discuss your data, compare it to others who have researched the same information as you have.
Eighth: Conclusion-here you give a summary of what you talked about in your piece.
Ninth: Bibliography-list all your sources in alphabetical order.
Tenth: Appendices- this is for extra information to avoid making your dissertation look crowded.

These are all pointers and hints to help you figure out how to write a dissertation. We are here to assist you with your writing needs. We are available 24/7 and have a highly qualified team to assist you.