Good Scope for Graphic Design Dissertation Ideas

April 16th, 2009

Your dissertation ideas are the real base of your project. A correct choice in this regard can pave the way for success; and on the other hand, a wrong choice can fail to bring you a success even with the honest efforts. You should apply your logic combined with practicality while choosing your topic. Nowadays, the field of graphic design and animation is hot favorite among the students owing to a good scope of employment with better future. Many enthusiastic students opt for this field with attractive job aspirations, starting from working as a simple animator to a high-level graphic designer. Of course, when you study this field, your dissertation will belong to graphic design dissertation ideas. You are encouraged to read other related articles on

Now being a wise student, you need to select the most feasible topic—meaning something which is in demand. There can be many in-demand ideas related to this field, but you should also try to be away from the most common ideas or ideas which have already been attempted. Your ideas should be such for which you can write a solid graphic design thesis statement. Below is a brief discussion about three possibilities where you can easily find your suitable ideas.

• The field of animation
There is a large scope of varieties with different animation procedure techniques as applied to the software. The range of ideas may start from the easy animation with stop motion, to the 3D animation with high caliber. Pay attention to for which out of them you can write fluently with a flair for the topic.

• The software topics
Another area where you can easily find good graphic design dissertation ideas is the software of graphic design. If you write about your views regarding the current software features plus the possible improvement, your graphic design dissertation will be warmly accepted. You can discuss the weakness of your chosen software and suggest an improvement with possible strength.

• The prospect of graphic design field
The better opportunities lying at your study field itself can be your topic. This topic will suit more to your MA dissertation. You will like to write down about various employments in this field with information on how to find them. Discussion about career prospect, associated business, as well as the good earning environment will add glamour to your graphic design dissertation. This will do a better because the master’s level education emphasizes on the concept of—earning while learning. For the graphic design dissertation ideas at this level, you should attempt at exploring new areas, rather than being confined to the conventional approaches. Do not forget the importance of appealing content while your dissertation writing. For your project other than Master’s and Doctoral dissertations, you may or may not get your favorite ideas, depending upon the circumstances. If your professor is not likely to interfere with your subject matter, you will have the advantage of choosing your interesting subject. You will have to adhere to the rules and regulations of your academic organization for the dissertation proposal and the entire project.

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