Geography Dissertation Writing

January 8th, 2012

The Distinctive Geography Dissertations

All dissertations can relate to each other by one way or the other, mainly the general format. But, where they differ from each other is the field of study, all being restricted to that. The geography field may be one of the difficult fields due to its distinct treatment. The geography dissertation writing may require more than usual timeframe. And, therefore, it is advisable that you start your dissertation journey the earliest after you receive a green signal from the concerned authorities. is a good option for any dissertation help.

• Currently, in the time of earthquakes, hurricanes, and global warming, you can find many interesting and meaningful topics to choose one for you. You may like to research on the identifications and implications of earthquake zones along with an effect on peoples’ lifestyles. You will need plenty of information with graphs, figure, pictures, maps, etc. For all these you have to make sure that whatever information you get is the most reliable and correct. For ruling out any doubt, you need to check the credibility of the organization that has published that material; it should be authentic, responsible, and recognized one.

• For your geography dissertation writing, if you are using the library, you must have knowledge of how to find useful book lying amid thousands of books, at least be able to look into the geographic section instead of searching in the general section. In most of the libraries there are always few great books available; but the problem is how to identify them among all other. If we know the title or author’s name, it becomes easier to some degree; but without any instruction it would be too difficult to avail of an important book or mere fortune if you could find one.

• Similarly, while searching on internet, there will be countless different webpages on the same worldwide media. With a fact that most of the web contents are written with a proper application of search engine optimization (SEO), you will most likely come across only the SEO-sensitive webpages. You should know this and try to ignore the webpages purely written for website popularity. Therefore, for the geography dissertations it would be advantageous if you use the well-known sites such as Google maps or Wikipedia, instead of search on the entire internet with keywords. Moreover, when you necessitate searching through keywords, you must know how to use the keywords correctly to get maximum relevant webpages.

• For literature review, you must be able to present the most pertinent data to your reader with full justification given to the referred materials as well as to your topic. For your methodology chapter, you will have to use extensively the maps, graphs, figures, etc. with a vivid illustration. Moreover, your findings will be the quantitative meaning numeric, derived from objective methods, rather than qualitative. Therefore, you will have to be more attentive towards the correct numeric figures. Plus, you should provide a sufficient ground related to the methods so that they can be implemented by the future aspirants.

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