Be Informative For Your Finance Dissertation Topic

January 17th, 2010

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• In accordance with your aptitude, for the best-suitable finance dissertation topic, you should first concentrate on the most interesting larger area.

Retail And Commercial Banking
You have topics related to asset liability management, off-balance sheet activities, optimal capital structure, relation between performance and equity price, credit flow for agricultural productivity, service to rural population, etc.

Internet Banking
You can have the most relevant topics from this area. These include electronic financial transactions and issue of security, future perspective of the internet banking, financial and economic implications, usefulness to the society, and ethical issues.

The topics may be based on the following aspects. Collective investment schemes, microfinance in developing economies, role of partnership between public and private sectors, rapidly developing international microfinance, and financial innovation in Asia and Europe.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
The points that you may consider include CSR with significance and ethical issues, socially responsible banking, CSR as commercial imperative, and local banks providing retirement plans.

Emerging Market
The finance dissertation topic may relate to this area with superb ideas. They will include the attitudes and perceptions, context of investment banking, emerging economy and baking sector, foreign direct investment (FDI) affecting emerging economies, and Asian economies and FDI.

Alternative Investment
You may like to relate this area to your dissertation topic. It will include Hedge funds in context of institutional investors and retail market, growth of Hedge funds, role and performance of capital market, private equity market, increased interests in index and mutual funds, and regulatory intervention and enforcement.

Risk Management
The topic may be formulated on the risk factors such as legal, market, liquidity, credits, operational, and reputation.

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