Essay Writing techniques

March 19th, 2011

What are some essay writing techniques?

If you want to be a successful writer, it is important that you know that there are certain essay writing techniques that you can use to help you in your writing.

Essay writing techniques are as diverse as essays themselves. You know that in everything you do, you always put your own twist to it. What does that twist look like for you? Everyone has a different technique and some people share them and some do not.

These same techniques can be applied to dissertation writing and dissertations in general. They may even be applied to PHD dissertations.

Essay writing techniques can be unique to each individual. But here are seven suggested steps to improving your writing by including some techniques.

According to Ezine articles, Marco wrote an interesting article that can be used to improve your writing. Check them out below:

Article for Techniques

essay writing techniques1.

Separate the different parts of the process associated with the writing: research, inspiration, organizing ideas, writing, and editing.


Make a list (10-20 items). Simply jot down phrases, keywords, definitions, questions, images and whatever which relates to the topic (the main essay subject). And then gather in big themes the ideas that can be connected.


Build an essay structure (template): title, opening sentence, background, statement of scope, thesis statement (or the position statement), development of ideas (with at least three main points and secondary points), and conclusion (summary paragraph). All the supporting paragraphs of the main body must have a strong organization, namely: topic sentence, evidence, commentary, and concluding sentence. Essays have many purposes, but the basic structure is the same.

More tips:


Work on the individual sections: write the main body first, then the introduction, the title and the conclusion. And expand these sections: use always concrete and clear examples to argue on your thesis.


Edit and wrap up the paragraphs. Observe the logical linkage between the paragraphs and use appropriate transitional phrases. Introductory words such as “In fact”, “Equally import”, “All things considered”… are an “additional plus” as they show a knowledge of the literary language. In a word, the essay must flow smoothly.


Check the cohesion or the sense of the development, verifying if the thesis statement is functioning as a unifying spark.

Most important tips


Revise for grammatical and writing flaws.

8. Make a conscious choice to rewrite without flaws

Essay writing techniques can come from a wealth of sources. Everyone has their own techniques but it is important to know similarities. Make a comparison in the techniques and see if there is a theme that stands out. If there is, most likely, you can guarantee that the technique is important.
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