Essay writing phrases

April 18th, 2011

What are essay writing phrases

You might be wondering what essay writing phrases are. Essy writing phrases are simple words and transitions that are used to help make your essay sound appropriate, well organized and run smoothly. If you buy dissertations, you will see the phrases there too. All dissertations have them.

Some essay writing phrases are used to illuminate the text itself. Some phrases are below. Some people may need the phrases in Spanish as well so I have both in English and Spanish. This should assist a Spanish speaker as well. When you are ready to write yourself a dissertation, remember, the dissertation proposal needs to be approved. Your proposal should include some of the phrases.

Essay writing phrasesFrases/Phrases

  1. 1. A juzgar por: Judging by
  2. 2.A la diferencia de: Unlike
  3. 3.A pesar de: Despite/In spite of
  4. 4.Acabar de + infinitive: Just (done something)
  5. 5.además: In addition
  6. 6.Además de lo dicho: Besides the above

7.Al salir: On leaving

A few More:

  1. Así que: Like that
  2. Aunque: Although
  3. Cabe señalar que: It should be noted that
  4. Como ejemplo, yo cito: As an example, I quote
  5. con el fin de cambiar esta situación, sería necesario: In order to change this situation, it would be necessary
  6. Cualquiera es capaz de ver que: Anyone is capabable of seening that
  7. Dado que: Given that
  8. debo admitir que: I must admit that


1. Remember these are transitional

2. Understand the purpsoe of these phrases

3. Make sure the phrases are grammatically in sync

4. Give yourself plenty of time while inserting these phrases into your essay

If you find yourself having trouble with this information, do not hesitate to contact one of our writers. We are available 24/7.