Essay about motivation

June 30th, 2011

How to write an essay about motivation

Motivation is something that needs to be learned. For some people however, you can be born with an innate sense of urgency or motivation to do something. If you write an essay about motivation, you are writing an essay that tries to convince your reader regarding the importance of motivation.

When you write your essay about motivation, it is important to include all aspect meaning the pros and the cons. Or, like some like to say, the for and the against. What are reasons for motivations, and what are the arguments against motivation.

Regardless of how you name your essay about motivation, you must be aware that you are trying to get someone to read your stuff so it would only make sense that your work be intriguing. Even dissertations need to be somewhat intriguing. The PHD dissertations may be a bit hard to write keeping in mind how intriguing it may or may not be.

Every essay has a set structure and a format that needs to take presedence over the essay itself. Even when you do dissertation writing, there is a set structure. But you do need to understand that you do not want to lose the essence of your writing either. It is important to understand the particular structure that encompasses all essays. Take a look at the essay structure for your essay about motivation below for a better understanding of how your essay should be organized.

essay about motivationTake a look at these steps below:

What about motivation?

1. Define motivation.

2. Understand motivation’s affect on people.

3. Give yourself incentives to be motivated.

4. Be sensitive to those who may not be as motivated as you are.

To have a good essay:Introduction

1. Ask a question (Your essay should have a thesis and your thesis could ask a question that gets your writing started. It also get your reader interested.)

2. Thesis (Your thesis is your crux. It’s what givs life to your writing.)

3. Three to Five sentences (Your introducation should be between 3 and 5 sentences and should include your thesis.)

To have a good essay:Body

1. Answer: this is where you will be answering your question you put in your thesis. Your answer will be broad.

2. Answer: you will continue to answer your question but you will use more description and more detail. Your thesis will become more obvious within your body.

3. Answer: your last few paragraphs in your body will conclude the main point of your thesis.

To have a good essay: conclusion

1. First 1-2 sentences: The first two sentences will summarize your entire essay. These should be short but concise, giving your reader a clear idea of what you are talking about.

2. Next 1-2 sentences will restate your main idea. Your main idea is located within your first paragraph.

3. Last sentence or two will and should restate your thesis statement which you created at the beginning of your essay in the 1st paragraph.

When you think of writing an essay, you think about the structure. Above you can see that there is a particular structure to any essay in general. But what you don’t really see above is creativity.

How to make it interesting

1. Be specific.

2. Look up particulars of your topic.

3. Dive into research.

4. Don’t be afraid of neglecting to follow the norm.

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