Essay about life

May 4th, 2011

Writing an essay about life

When you write an essay about life it is important to realize that this could be a real “touch and go” subject. Many people have many different expereinces in their lives.  The reason for life is not just two-fold but as varied as the human being. 

Putting judgement on those people who live their life differently is only creating contraversy. So, it is important that you stay as neutral as possible. When you write an essay about life you need to keep in mind that many people will read your essay and that it could easily negatively or positively affect them.

Writing can or may not be inherant. But those who write, often are use to it because they have done it before. Even those who focus on dissertation writing. Like PHD dissertations, your dissertations, may or may not need a proposal. When you read an essay about life, you get another perspective.

There are certain ways to write an essay. You must think about a way to catch your reader’s eye. You don’t want something boring. You want them to be intrigued and focused on what it is you have to offer them. If you take a look at these steps, you will be able to write an essay about life that is interesting and possibly inspiringessay about life.

To have a good essay:Introduction

1. Ask a question (Your essay should have a thesis and your thesis could ask a questin that gets your writing started. It also get your reader interested.)

2. Thesis (Your thesis is your crux. It’s what givs life to your writing.)

3. Three to Five sentences (Your introducation should be between 3 and 5 sentences and should include your thesis.)

To have a good essay:Body

1. Answer: this is wher eyou will be answering your question you put in your thesis. Your answer will be broad.

2. Answer: you will continue to answer your question but you will use more description and more detail. Your thesis will become more obvious within your body.

3. Answer: your last few paragraphs in your body will conclude the main point of your thesis.

To have a good essay: conclusion

1. First 1-2 sentences: The first two sentences will summarize your entire essay. These should be short but concise, giving your reader a clear idea of what you are talking about.

2. Next 1-2 sentences: will restate your main idea. Your main idea is located within your first paragraph.

3. Last sentence or two: these last sentences will and should restate your thesis statement which you created at the beginning of your essay in the 1st paragraph.

When you write an essay about life, make sure you are neutral but also mention everything that is important to mention in your essay. People need to know about the risks and health factors that surround their choice or addiction within their own life. People want to know how they can improve their life by staying away from things that may harm them.

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