Essay about Friendship

December 10th, 2010

How to write an essay about friendship

It is an interesting topic. Writing and essay about friendship sounds odd and you may wonder why one will be asked to write an essay about friendship. The when you think about, it may in the end be a good task. Writing any kind of essay will change your life forever. Many people write essays, or stories, and some people even write songs about life, love and friendship. But it is not too common that someone would actually sit down and take the time to write an essay about friendship. Its not because they don’t want to do it, or they don’t believe in it…it may be because it is just plain difficult.

Even when doing research on friendship, you will need to focusing on writing a research proposal. If you think that writing a proposal is easy, think again! You are basically creating a presentation that needs to be either approved or denied. You will need to show this proposal to your advisor.

When writing your essay about friendship, you may want to think of copying the format used to write an accounting dissertation.  The format may be simpler so I recommend you follow it. If you find it complicated, stay away from it.

Even in writing your essay about friendship you will need to know how to write a methodology. A methodology is basically a certain form of steps or line of methods used to help you organize your thoughts. Without a methodology, you entire essay can fall apart.

An essay about friendship is exactly what it proposes. You are writing, in this case, steps on either how to lose a friend or how to keep a friend. Think about what you want to focus on, positive or negative?

Writing an essay about friendship can put your life into perspective or even given meaning, more profound meaning to your life. When you tag on meaning to your life, you walk away with a new sense of knowing who you are. We are all humans and want something that we can truly touch.

To write an essay about friendship you need to explore what it is about friendship you would like to talk about. there are many different aspects to friendship. The most prominent thought and aspect is the question of “are they really my friend.” How do you find out if someone is really your friend or not? Well, first you ask them. And if later you have suspicions, do not hesitate to dig deeper.

The other question you may ask in regards to friendship is “how do I know that she/he will not stop being my friend because of what I do.”. So in essence, is the friendship based on conditions. If so, you need to jump out of that.

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What to do:

  • Create a Thesis
  • Support your thesis with outside/personal information
  • Do research and find facts that support your thesis
  • Find facts that either support or debunk your personal experience
  • Create your closing argument and have a “hit home” attitude

Understanding the importance of creating a thesis, having background knowlege and personal experience and hitting your point home is very essential to your writing an essay about friendship. Also, do not be afraid to lean on a friend while writing your essay.

Use your time wisely and gather enough information. If you come to a road block and need more help, do not hesitate to call or email us. We are available to you 24/7.