Essay about Education

August 4th, 2011

How to write an essay about education

Writing an essay about education is something that needs to be done especially if you are going into education in college. If you plan to be a teacher whether dealing with the younger children, the middle range or the older kids, and essay about education will be very important to accomplish.

Your essay about education should contain regular writing structure. But it is not only about the writing structure, it is also about content. What you include in your essay about education is vitally important to the person who will read your essay. Your professor or teacher may read your essay and ask you to include more information. If you find it hard to find more information, do not hesitate to ask someone who may be more familiar with this subject than yourself.

You can just think about it kind of like as a dissertation writing project. Dissertations in general are an exaggerated version of an essay. Even pieces of writing such as a PHD dissertation will have a shortened essay version. But the main point is remembering that your essay should be shorter than a dissertation. You must always follow instructions given to you by your teacher or your professor. They know what they are asking for and if you stick to what they want you to do, you will have a successful essay.

When thinking about content, you need to think about what will catch the eye of your potential reader. Your potential reader is not only your teacher or professor but your potential reader could be another teacher or someone who is studying to be a teacher.

According to Aurthor Lee Jacobson, “education is so multifaceted that it is difficult for me to know where to begin discussing it, or how to prioritize the many factors. Relaying my own experience is easy: I had a standard classroom approach, supplemented by inordinate reading. In only the briefest and least memorable instances did I receive any individual tutoring.”

When you are writing this essay about education, understand that many times people have a misconstrued idea of what education should be and how it should be taught. Make sure part of your writing content is the controversial issues mentioned by both teachers and parents.

pile of books 2To organize your essay you want to look at several things.


Remind yourself that every essay has to be between 3 and 5 sentences long and must contain a thesis statement. Remember that a thesis statement is a statement that is bold and daring. The statement determines what way you will take your essay.


The body of your essay is the main part. Think of this part as your actual body and how it sums up who you are as a person. Your body is the physical contents of your essay, it gives the explanation and reasons for your explanations. It sets your reader up for comprehension and hopefully, wanting to know more.


Your conclusion basically is the “the end” part of your essay. This part must include your thesis with an explanation of whether your point was proven or disprove. This is where you get to shine.


1. Think wisely on what exactly you want to talk about.

2. Remember to chose topics that are broad enough and yet specific to prove your point.

3. Do your research.

4. Chose topics which will catch the attention of your readers.

5. Create genuine interest with the topic.

If you find yourself struggling with the content at all, please do not hesitate to ask for assistance. We are available 24/7.