Essay about Childhood

July 2nd, 2011

Why write an essay about childhood?

Everyone wants to know where they come from and why they are here. But before you can write about why we are here, we need to first write about our childhood. Writing an essay about childhood can be a difficult thing to do. Not everyone has the same kind of childhood. Some are rough and others are very smooth. So, when you write your essay about childhood, consider the type of childhood you had.

Everyone has different types of parents and these parents affect our childhood greatly. So when you write an essay about childhood you need to make sure you consider your nurture or, the way you were raised.

You can buy dissertations on people’s childhood. As a matter of fact, there are many different sites where you can gather sources and information on other people’s childhood. You can get a better idea of what their lives were like. But you are being asked to write about your childhood.

Realize, that like dissertation proposals, you too will need to have some kind of a rough draft in order to continue with your writing. You will need to show your work to your teacher or your professor. Once you show your work to your professor, and it is approved, you may continue writing your essay or your dissertations.

There are several things to consider when writing your essay about childhood. Remember, this is your essay and it can take on any form you want. There are the basics that need to be understood when writing an essay in general. Look at the information below.

essay about childhoodTo have a good essay:Introduction

1. Ask a question (Your essay should have a thesis and your thesis could ask a question that gets your writing started. It also get your reader interested.)

2. Thesis (Your thesis is your crux. It’s what givs life to your writing.)

3. Three to Five sentences (Your introducation should be between 3 and 5 sentences and should include your thesis.)

To have a good essay:Body

1. Answer: this is where you will be answering your question you put in your thesis. Your answer will be broad.

2. Answer: you will continue to answer your question but you will use more description and more detail. Your thesis will become more obvious within your body.

3. Answer: your last few paragraphs in your body will conclude the main point of your thesis.

To have a good essay: conclusion

1. First 1-2 sentences: The first two sentences will summarize your entire essay. These should be short but concise, giving your reader a clear idea of what you are talking about.

2. Next 1-2 sentences will restate your main idea. Your main idea is located within your first paragraph.

3. Last sentence or two will and should restate your thesis statement which you created at the beginning of your essay in the 1st paragraph.

Once you have finished writing your essay, take time to look it through. Make sure the essay reflects your childhood. As you write and edit, take time to review. Be sure that the work and effort you put into your essay about childhood reflect you, who you are and your personality.

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