Environment Dissertation Topics

May 25th, 2012

Environment Dissertation Topics Other Than Global Warming

We can find many topics for environment dissertation by just observing the surroundings around us. In fact, environment dissertation topics may relate to anything that leaves negative impact on environment, resulting in serious health problems or even threats to life of not just human but any living being. Because students are the students and not the experts, they honestly need help while carrying out their dissertation project. With consideration of this fact, Dissertation-Service.co.uk has been attempting its best to help aspiring students for over ten-plus years. At the beginning, we were also inexperience just like many new sources at present. But, now, we are capable of working on any task, from any paper, from any academic field. In case of dissertations, the students mostly prefer our services for their research proposal, literature review, thesis statement, and methodology.

• The dissertation relates to the widest range of areas of environment from farm to forest, urban to rural, industries to hospitals, stress to schools, and so on. One of the dissertation topics is that with more and more technological advancements, the lives on earth are moving away from the nature. And, there is nothing wrong so far as the human-made machines and their products do not harm the environment in which many organisms coexist alongside the human beings. The most common environment issues include excretion of harmful industrial gases and chemicals, fuel pollution, and deforestation. You can have lots of topics on them, but the senior students would have already attempted them with similar suppositions and findings.

• Instead of that, you can select lives of creatures, other than the humans. You can base your dissertation topic on dangerous effects of agricultural chemicals to amphibians (toads, tadpoles, frogs). Apparently, the herbicides are used for farming, and they harm the environment of these tiny creatures. In a same manner, your topic can also explore the lives of our pets like dogs, cats, and cows. Similarly, any environment dissertation topic that contribute to the survival of those creatures which are on the verge of extinction are good. Interestingly, as we know, once upon a time, there were dinosaurs living on this earth.

• For the human beings, you can formulate topic on how the pesticides use in schools affects health of children. You can explore how students get exposure to toxic chemicals when the pesticides are used in an environment where there are no pests around. With the same theme, you can also base your topic on a link between risk of Parkinson’s disease and contact with the pesticides. According to one study, the people whose occupations involve such contacts may carry high risk of developing Parkinson’s disease. Furthermore, the usage and production of plastic bags are also an environmental concern.

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