Economics Dissertation Topics

December 2nd, 2011

General Topics For Economics Dissertation

Without elaboration, the significance and influence of economics is naturally explained by the current global economic downturn or recession. This field is such a factor which can determine the growth or decline of a country and thus its value is immense. Economics dissertation relates to many categories and subcategories of economics, depending upon the area of study and interests of the students. We invite the students to the service station of where you can get rid of your worries; because then after, they will be our worries. You will have joyful time while your papers are being written, rewritten, or checked by our expert dissertation writers. We see a significant improvement in the academic performance of the students after having connected with us. Our high eligibility is the extensive experience as a culmination of last 10 years of hard work.

• Having subjects of production, distribution, and consumption of services and goods, the economics is a social science. The goal of the study of economics is to know the functioning of economies and the process of interactions of economic agents.

• The economic analysis deals largely with the society, business, government, and finance, the economics dissertation may rely upon it. This also covers various spectrums like education, politics, family, law, health, religion, war, crime, social institutions, and science.

• You may be studying one or more of historical aspects of the economics — including classical political economy, Marxism, neoclassical economics, Keynesian economics, and Chicago school of economics.

• If the microeconomics is your area of education, your dissertation will be based on — markets, supply and demand, specialization, market failure, firms, and/or public sector.

• The international economics is also a whole area to be explored.

• The area of macroeconomics will comprise of — the subject matters of growth, business cycle, monetary policy plus inflation, and fiscal policy plus regulation.

• Below is a tiny list of general dissertation/thesis topics.


  • Pensions and social security;
  • Basics of financial calculations;
  • Real internet rate and annuities;
  • Efficient market and portfolio theorem;
  • Production function and aggregation;
  • Social systems with success and failure;
  • Mathematical growth models for the economics dissertation;
  • Scale and substitution;
  • Capital plus rental cost;
  • Growth in various countries.


  • The issue called monopoly;
  • Profit maximization and producers;
  • Human capital in context to borrowing and lending;
  • Trade gains;
  • Consumer utility.


  • Fiscal policy;
  • Employment vs. unemployment;
  • Inflation in terms of endogenous variable;
  • Investment in terms of endogenous variable;
  • Theoretical controversies.


  • Effects of network;
  • Asymmetric information;
  • Asymptotically free goods.

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