Handling Properly Your Dissertation Writing

March 23rd, 2009

More than any other issue, students seem to feel embarrassed and confused while writing a dissertation or writing a thesis. These both projects are undoubtedly not easy to deal with, but the dissertation writing specifically proves to be an acid test. This is the reason why almost half of the graduate students choose to drop out of degree programs due to the problems associated with the dissertation writing.

• To overcome this negative episode what is needed is that you develop an understanding yourself of what to do and how to do with your sincere efforts.

• There are two major reasons behind all the hurdles experienced while the dissertation writing.

• Some students seem determined to follow and wrongly justify the saying “better late than never.” They do not get involved for the research proposal until very late during the course of the project. In fact, logically speaking, this idiom is not applicable for this type of writing process.

• On the other hand, of course, some students start very early or on the right time—as expected with the enthusiasm, inspiration, and interest—but only for the sake of the starting itself. The process gets troubled thereafter. They cannot sustain the same spirit after the beginning even with the best possible dissertation ideas.

Your dissertation ideas with correct choice are a very influential factor which will continue to prevail throughout your project. Therefore, you must pay high attention to this choice linked with the core value of your project. Be away from choosing a much broader idea—knowing your capacity to handle—which may guarantee you a failure ultimately. Because, in this case you will have to search extensively, considering all aspects, and will be more exhausted with the great amount of research and information which are necessary to meet the requirement. In a situation like this, it will be a mere surprise if you do not find yourself surrounded by confusions.

• However, generally speaking, the more valid reason for the troublesome dissertation writing process is students’ inexperience. This issue refers to both the complete inexperience as well as the less experience. Obviously, you cannot be called experienced only because you have written one project before—and more so when talking about the MA dissertation or PhD.

After all, it involves a tough transformation process that converts an ordinary student into a real scholar. This is something to be understood only when you have to undergo the real writing project.

But, interestingly, the dissertation writing process is not meant for preserving its difficulties intact. After all, this not at all any impossible mission. Despite being mostly an independent project, you can also avail of the dissertation help with its accessibility. If not any other, then, at least, you can consult your professor as well as the advisor and/or expert who will assist you with proper guidance or counseling. Moreover, remember not to jump from one step to another, keep on handling one issue for one particular time, and do not forget to be organized.