Dissertation Tutor

May 1st, 2010

Dissertation Tutor
Get the most out of Dissertation Tutors

The role of the Dissertation Tutor is to provide you with the required support, advice and guidance to ensure that your research meets the expected academic guidelines. There are many key role-players whom you have to engage and interact with during your dissertation process and it is therefore important that you fully understood the role which each of these stakeholders play and the value you can gain from them.  Trying to get through your dissertation on your own is perhaps the largest mistake you could ever make. Along with Dissertation Tutors, advisors, co-ordinators and evaluators, Dissertation-Service.co.uk also provides a highly beneficial service to you which will ensure that the end result of your dissertation is an A-grade.

Along with all of the planning relevant to your dissertation, you need to compile a worksheet which clearly outlines all of the professionals you will need to enlist to submit a well-researched and academically acceptable dissertation. Once you have identified all of these professionals and experts, you will then need to plot the specific value that each of them will add to your dissertation process, highlighting their exact roles and functions.

Dissertation Tutors in particular are chosen based on their specific academic strengths and expertise. In order to gain the most value out of your interaction with the Dissertation Tutor, you will need to check the following:

Which subject area will I be covering?
Your Dissertation Tutor will need to be an expert in your chosen subject or research area. Select the tutor carefully based on references, previous work, publications and academic standing in your particular field of interest.

What is my Research Question?
Before making an appointment with your Dissertation Tutor, you will need to ensure that you have narrowed down your area of research specific to your research question. The Dissertation Tutor will not be able to effectively guide you if your chosen topic is too broad. You will need to identify exactly what you wish to research within a specific topic.

How much time do I have?
Most Dissertation Tutors will need to meet with you on a face-to-face level at least once or twice during the initial phase of your dissertation. Making those precious face-to-face interactions work for you, will require some prior planning on your part. Make some notes on exactly which areas you require guidance and support with and write down all of the critical questions which you need answered. This will ensure that your interaction with your Dissertation Tutor is fully maximised.

You can consult with our board of professionals at Dissertation-Service.co.uk who will be able to guide you in terms of locating the best Dissertation Tutor. We are also able to provide you with the necessary guidance on what to expect from Dissertation Tutors so that you know when your Dissertation Tutor is providing you with the dissertation service that you need.

In as much as you require the services of a Dissertation Tutor, they are expected to provide you with a service which meets your expectations and also satisfies the academic requirements of your dissertation.