Number Of Dissertation Topics In Human Resource

January 8th, 2010

With a specialized aspect, human resource issue remains limited to the boundaries of workplaces where people work with others. Dissertation topics in human resource, therefore, require you to closely monitor the situations prevailing within four walls of location(s) where employees and/or employers gather to work or execute their purposes. In your chase for locating worthy topic, your decision of taking helps from can lead you to the finest topic. We are also greatly helpful to various phases of your dissertations starting from research proposal to the dissertation defense, via thesis statement, dissertation introduction, literature review, methodology, conclusion, bibliography, etc. While furnishing the services, we do come to know students with different natures, thinking styles, worries, ambitions, frightful matters, etc. With years of time, we have developed a special grasp that helps us catch the niche that you need.

  • The areas which will grab your attention include :
    • Comparison of models
    • State of balance between work and life
    • Employee recruitment and training
    • Organizational environment in relation to job motivation and job satisfaction
    • Dissertation topics in human resource in modern life
    • Questionable role of HR in dealing with human issues
    • Strategic human resource development
    • International HRM
    • Managing performance with rewards
    • Talent management
    • Equality, ethics, and justice
    • Employment law
  • The sample dissertation topic may be like :
    • A critical assessment on organizational culture with its effects on work potential.
    • Study on time management enhancing employees’ creativity and revenue of organization.
    • HR study with contemporary issues.
    • Research on common existing contradictions in HRM implementation.
  • You more will you have more and more topics when you try hard, but you have to be confident about what you are going to do. A mere formulation of great topic is meaningless unless you successfully handle your dissertation project. And, the more you differ from the crowd, the more appealing will be your topic. For example, if you have a special respect and affection for the elderly people, you can formulate dissertation topics in human resource on them, such as—a study on willing re-induction of retired personnel as the instructors providing education and guidance to the regular employees.
  • If you are interested only in contemporary issues, what could be a better match than the topics coming form IT or ITES industry. There are many issues that absolutely relates to the human resources. As far as call centre and BPO industry is concerned, there are issues like :
    • Lack of standard system to decide correct wages of the employees with no partiality
    • Delay and/or cut in payment
    • Questionable policies of recruiting the employees
    • Health problems of on-the-job employees, especially in a longer run
    • Harassment to the female employees, especially during evening and night shifts
    • Questionable unproductively of the bosses who do nothing and though earn the highest

And, you can freely use our dissertation samples, but please do not ask for providing free list on dissertation topics in human resource. You are welcomed by with topic issues after placement of your order. Lastly, be assured that we are the 100% safe zone for outsourcing your papers. There are no issues of reproduction or recycling, your papers get deleted after certain period of time.