Dissertation Topics In Education From School Environment

February 18th, 2010

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• Below are ten ideas for dissertation topic related with only school environment, to which we restrict this article. You can formulate the dissertation topics in education like them.

1. An analysis on Enrollment Trends in context to the Public Schools with Per-Student Cost
2. Rise in Per-Student Cost from Elementary, Secondary, to High School Levels of Education
3. A study on Need and Availability of Financial Aid to the Students with Government and Private Funding Resources
4. An investigation into Homework Help as a Need and Wish of Students and their Parents, respectively
5. Internet: an important Education Tool for Students, Parents, and the Teachers
6. The National Literacy Rates and Measures for Improvement
7. Guidance Program/Material addressing Parents’ concern about the Education of their Children
8. A study on Difference in Education Expenditures with Comparisons on International Level
9. Promoting Education through Involvement of Family in Students’ Education
10. An investigation into how the Students can Learn by Applying their Natural Curiosity and Help of the Parents, in Absence of the Teachers

• Many dissertation topics in education may be possible on today’s burdensome education system, such as—Fundamental Change in Education System is required for the Students of 21st century. As we know, the current education system is more exam-centric than education-centric. The schools assess the students mainly on the basis of few hours of the examination. And, ironically, this exam is an assessment of their exam preparation only, rather than their academic progress. This simply means that if you have made good preparations, you will attain good grades, no matter whatever your understanding level is. And, students engage themselves in endeavors that only aim at the exam preparations.

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