Further Study As A Dissertation Topic

December 28th, 2009

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• Starting from where the previous researcher left the study is a good dissertation idea and easy undertaking in comparison to ideas of formulating a novel or independent dissertation topic. However, there are many issues to be properly addressed to make sure that the referred research is credible and significant. Below are the tips how you should do so.

The Status Of Research Question
The most important aspect is how worthy the research question of the study is. You may come across many resources that contain very good researches but with insignificant investigations. Your research can scarcely become significant if its previous studies lacked potentials of research. Plus, it should be rationally acceptable. For instance, how to prevent atherosclerosis is superior and logical research question than how to prevent onychomycosis.

Faults In Methodology
What methodology was implemented and how much it was successful are the real areas of checking. To better check the methodology, you must think about what faults are present in it. If there are too many faults, it cannot be a realistic or reliable study for conceiving your dissertation topic.

Flaws In Findings
It should be clear that how accurate the findings were. A study with poor findings should not be given priority. And, the findings with flaws suggest that the objectives of the study were not acquired completely.

Wrong Aspect Present In The Study
You must judge the research on the ground of whether anything wrong exists in it. This may include the concept of research itself, the people involved, the organizations connected to it, maltreatments, etc.

Intentional Or Unintentional Exclusion
It is necessary to check whether or not the study was complete in itself with inclusion of every necessary aspect, object, and/or group. What is not present or is left out should be thoroughly checked.

Underlying Limitations
Regardless of whether or not the limitations were discussed by the researcher, you must identify them. You can imagine about your further investigation based on those limitations.

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