Dissertation Theory

November 10th, 2010

Hit home your dissertation theory

Theories are famous all throughout the world. Every religion, belief system and people group have theories that they create and stick to that make them feel comfortable, safe and good. Without a theory, people rarely are able to function. A dissertation theory also has meaning and focus.

It is important to realize that before you write a dissertation, you need to come up with some kind of theory. I look at a theory kind of like I look at a thesis statement in the first paragraph of an essay. It is something you want to try to prove or disprove. It is like a conjuncture, or a hypothesis.

Each type of dissertation has a dissertation theory. You look at a MSC dissertation, and you will notice that the writer has a theory they created to try and prove or disprove  their point. Masters dissertations are famous for their intricate theories overall. I am sure that if you look at any online dissertation, you will also notice that a theory is automatically applied. It is hard to write a dissertation without giving yourself a point of reference and a focus in which to prove or disprove.
It is important to keep in mind that your dissertation theory must be the starting point for all of your research. It must also be “opinonlike” which will then lead you to a focal point in your research. It all starts with your idea for your topic. Your idea will be the guide and your catalyst for the actual written portion of your dissertation.

The dissertation theory will give you insight into what it is you want to speak about. So, follow these guidelines to help you create a good dissertation theory.


1. Make sure to create an opinion
2. Make your theory interesting
3. Think of your theory like a thesis statement
4. Make your theory intriguing and exciting
5. Realize that theory/thesis can be based on observation or actual facts.
6. Stay focused and focus on one thing that should be in your theory. Do not try to put too many ideas in your thesis, otherwise, you are doing more work than necessary.
masters dissertation, online dissertation, msc dissertationsRealize that writing a dissertation theory will make or break you. It’s as if you are creating a presentation for a bunch of your colleagues. You have to have a point to drive home. Without a point to drive home, you lose your focus and you lose your audience. Think of your dissertation theory as your main focal point, the idea you want to drive home. You need to set it up so that your audience has an “ah hah” moment. Then you know the light bulb has been turned on.

Use your time wisely when creating your dissertation theory. Talk to others about your work. Do not allow yourself to be swayed. Look at samples and gather enough examples that give you the help you need. Also, please do not hesitate to call us or email us. We are available 24/7 to help you!