Dissertation Supervision

July 25th, 2010

Being Supervised while working on your disseration

We all like guidance in our lives. Whether you are writing a book, or your MA dissertation. I can only imagine you would want someone to check up on you and tell you whether you are doing the right thing or not. It would be horrible if we spent a lifetime working on a project just to find out at the time of “hand in” that it was not done correctly. With this in mind, you are now stepping into the management process.

Managing your supervisor or thinking about Dissertation Supervision is not an easy thing. Before you manage, you need to make sure you have researched your dissertation topics and considered the dissertation structure. It is important to consider structure because it creates ease while writing your dissertation.Thinking about the psychological topics of your dissertation or the psychology dissertation topics will help you create a coherent, well organized piece of writing with evidence and statistics.

The topics are vast and will help you evaluate the importance and meaning of your dissertation for you and to your readers. The psychology part helps you answer the why’s and who’s of your dissertation. It also gives better insight into the mind of the writer. The Dissertation Supervision process will inform you and guide you in the steps you need to take to be successful. The supervisor or advisor will keep their eye on you and let you know when you are doing a good job and when you need a bit of help. Be confident, the supervisors are there for you!
Disseration Supervision
Staff are people too and so it is important to consider a few things when working with your supervisor. Choose your supervisor wisely,  be on time for your meetings, consider your supervisor’s style or how they like to work, and ask the right questions during your meetings. Exploring the topics below will open your mind to the process of Dissertation Supervision.

1. Time Allowance (use the time given to you by your supervisor wisely. Their time is precious too!)
2. Appointments (make sure you are true to your appointments to ease the work of your supervisor. They are busy people with teaching and grading as a priority.)
3. Supervisory style (figure out what your supervisor’s style is and come to an agreement on how you are going to proceed with your dissertation Supervision)
4. Getting the Best out of meetings (think about the objectives for your meeting and stick to them. Use your time wisely! Ask as many questions possible and realize that the supervisors are there to help you be as successful as possible.)

So as you consider your dissertation supervision process, you need to also consider your supervisor or advisor who will be a vessel for your success.

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