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August 23rd, 2010

How to get dissertation statistics help

Statistics permeate the world when it comes to finding out what matters and what does not matter. Some people base their entire life on a set of regimes they need to follow. Others look at statistics and compare themselves to what the “norm” of society is doing.

It is sometimes hard to get dissertation statistics help. So, you need to make sure to use reliable sources. All dissertations have some kind of statistics that make the research within the project valid or invalid. Writing a nursing dissertation will include many diagrams, bits and pieces of information and different procedures that will help determine whether the information is valid or invalid.

history dissertation, nursing dissertation, accounting dissertationIf you write an accounting dissertation, you can be sure statistics will be a inevitable. Now, writing a history dissertation may not include as much statistics as accounting, but be aware that it is a necessity. No dissertation is complete without your statistics.

Finding dissertation statistics help can be simple. There are several sites on the world wide web that are there specifically to meet your needs. Choose wisely. There are also sites out there to help you write a dissertation on statistics itself. But what we are going to focus on is how to incorporate statistics into your dissertation.

Simple but academic-wide rules will apply. In order to start the process of statistics inclusion, you need to be aware that coming at a “questionnaire” approach will probably be the most beneficial. There are several types of tests used for statistics.

Types of statistical tests are as follows.

1. T-Test
2. Chi-Square
3. Multiple regression
4. Logistic regression
5. Analysis of variance
6. Factor analysis
7. Structural equation
8. Canonical correlation
9. Discriminate functional analysis

All of these “tests” above give you a way of measuring the findings you have acquired during your research time. As you know, your dissertation is focused around research and experience. You will need to include statistics at some point in your writing project.

Here is an explanation for each of the “tests.”

Test Explanation


  • T-Test: Most commonly used test and very simple.
  • Chi-Square:  Differentiates between observed and expected outcomes
  • Multiple Regression: Regression analysis
  • Logistic Regression: Allows for sequential order
  • ANOVA: Analyzing with multiple factors
  • Factor analysis: Comprising underlying dimensions called “factors”
  • Structural equation:  Combination of factor analysis, multiple regression and canonical correlation
  • Discriminate functional analysis: Wanting to predict group membership from several independent variables.

Including statistics in your research is what makes your project interesting, lengthy and meaningful. It is one thing to state what you believe, but it is another thing to have evidence of your believe.

When writing a dissertation, you need to make sure you have a case and an argument. You want to prove your argument to either be true or false and this is why it is important to ask many questions. Think about how to get dissertation statistics help. Once you are about to find help, you may proceed with caution.

Engage your reader by using thought provoking questions that may lead to more research. Each reader is interested when a question is posed, and how the answer comes about lies with you and your research. Using one of these forms of “tests” will allow your readers to better understand your position. It will be a more interesting read for them if they can see there is evidence proving or disproving your thesis statement.

A good thesis will most likely start with a thought provoking question that will later lead to the conclusion which will be an answer thought out with research and also experience.

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