Dissertation Statistics

September 29th, 2010

What are dissertation statistics?

undergraduate dissertation example, psychology dissertation ideas, macbeth essayEverywhere you go, everything and anything you do, the word statistics becomes a follower. It follows us from the day we are born to the day we breathe our last breath of life. Birth-rate, Death-rate, demographic population, people population, the size of the earth, the tilt of the plants on its axis, the number of items purchased per day…and the list goes on and on and on. This word statistics rules the world and people like me and you feel that we need to follow within the bracket and norm. Even in your writing you will need dissertation statistics to help you prove your point.

Statistics basically can prove or disprove and argument. But if we fall within in the brackets, there is a sense of safety that we feel within ourselves, around our loved ones and even around complete strangers.
An example:

Seven out of ten people will choose chocolate cake instead of marsh mellows on a cold dark winters night. It instills in us a feeling. We look down at our plates and if we have chosen the chocolate cake, we have fallowed within those seven people. But if the statistics are bad, like 7/10 people will get a headache within an hour after drinking diet coke, and we are drinking the diet coke, we feel stupid, bad and sometimes even fearful. But statistics is really just how people look at it. They can say whatever you want it to say. You can reversely look at the information and make it work to your advantage or disadvantage.

Even in dissertations, you will find dissertation statistics. The dissertation statistics is the information you gather while doing your research for a certain project. When you look at a undergraduate dissertation example you need to be able to see if you can point out the dissertation statistics. Without this bit of information, the writer has not succeeded with his or her goal.

Sometimes using statistics is a bit strange. I mean, how do you find statistics when you are writing your Macbeth essay? Is it doable? Maybe inserting how often English and History teachers use the story to illustrate their point, or how often they use it in general could count as the statistics. I am not sure.

It sure is interesting though to think of statistics in psychology. When you are looking for psychology dissertation ideas you can bet a million that you will find statistics everywhere. Statistics are mainly measured with psychology and how people think and act. Especially in the behavioral analysis unit.
Thinking about statistics often makes my head hurt because the most common thing that pops up is math. Probability and statistics run rampant in the sciences and maths and at times it is hard to measure and define the true meaning.

In your dissertation, you need to have variables and your research needs to lean towards proving or disproving your argument. Your experiment should with it have statistics that help demonstrate your knowledge of the information. Without the experiment and dissertation statistics, you have just words said by others, quoted by you. Some people even use statistics as facts. There are many many angles to statistics that it makes it hard to truly define whether statistics are factual or just matter-of-fact. People listen to statistics and this gives the writer, reader and evaluator more leverage to work with. The level of important rises from a 5 to a 10.

So, it is important when writing your dissertation that you really make sure to focus on your dissertation statistics. This is what is going to keep your readers who are analytical, and scientific reading and the rest of your readers intrigued.

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