Dissertation Statement—Be Concise And Correct

June 30th, 2009

There are always the objectives, intentions, areas, and ideas around which the entire dissertation keeps on revolving. Obviously, without these your dissertation looks pale and meaningless, or you will not be allowed to carry out your project either. The dissertation statement is made of few sentences which focuses these vital elements in a shorted possible form—but in a clear understandable writing with the truest reflection of the entire project. Obviously, writing this statement is not an easy writing and will require a considerable mental exercise. If you do not want to undergo the mental activities, you can easily contact the dissertation writers of DissertationService.co.uk. You can comfortably indulge in other important activities, leaving the issue of the statement on these people with expertise and experience.

• Usually, the introduction part is the best suitable place to include this statement—mostly as ending sentences of the introduction. It is the shortest possible explanation of your paper.

• The most important thing, which is also the most difficult thing, is that it should not divert to elsewhere and concentrate on the pertinence of your paper. At the same time, the dissertation statement cannot be ambiguous, awkward, or too complex, both in expressions and language. Instead, a use of simple language and simple interpretation is expected so as to be easily comprehended by the reader. But, the interpretation must belong to the significant meanings in context to the above-mentioned elements.

• In other words, this statement can also be called the definition of the dissertation. If you are asked how you will define your project in one or two sentences—what you have as an answer is nothing different than the statement. The most pertinent and shortest dictionary definitions can be taken as examples. Open the medical dictionary and you will find the perfect and most succinct explanation of each medical terminology which individually can take a whole book for detailed explanation.

• Two things are very important—one is student’s mastery over the subject matter and the other is the talent or flair for the writing for wording the dissertation statement. Sometimes you have a full command over what you did or going to do, but you cannot write it down on paper. Whereas, your friend is a very good writer but s/he is too poor in understanding of the subject matter. Unless you are good from both these ends, what you will definitely face will be the troubles.

• Moreover, the statement is vulnerable to changes from what it was at the initial stage of the dissertation proposal to what it is at the time of dissertation writing. Here, the term “statement” never means something like quoted sentences printed in the books. You need to consult your advisor from time to time regarding the altering nature of the statement.

• Also, maintaining good balance between the realities and achievability, you should find a way between overestimation and underestimation, between overstatement and understatement.

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