How to Define Your Dissertation Statement

April 30th, 2009

Any research paper starts with a cover page, very first of all, and ends with the reference page or bibliography at the very end. In between them, there come many other sections. Following the cover page is an acknowledgement segment which is followed by segments such as abstract, literature review, introduction, background study, chart section, data analysis, hypothesis, methodology chapter, limitation of study, and just before the reference page is your conclusion segment. There can be variation from one dissertation to another, depending upon your requirements. Two elements are such which provide oxygen to all parts and connect one segment to another—these are the dissertation ideas and dissertation statement. The latter is a central focus of discussion for this article. is serious about any dissertation difficulties.

• This statement is made of few lines, usually appearing at the ending of the opening passage—i.e. the introduction. This statement is written keeping in the mind the core value of your research project or the key point that you are going to deal with. It is very vital substance of your paper, no less than a lifeline, because it keeps your project pulsating at each moment. Generally, it is written in a simple language but with a meaningful interpretation encapsulating your niche subject.

• Let’s take an example of the most significant PhD or Doctoral dissertation. You have to define your research issue. The term “define” reminds us of any definition, most instantly the dictionary definitions of various words. These definitions provide the shortest but the truest and the most comprehensive meaning of the words defined. With the same strategy, you have to define your core issue in your dissertation statement.

• In one sense, this statement will predetermine the boundaries or the areas within which your research will remain restricted to. The objective of your research must be clear absolutely. To form your statement is not as easy as you take a pen and write it down on a paper. You will have to apply your mind, efforts, and writing skills. Sometimes, it happens that you have intelligence, sufficient for producing superb statement, but you lack the needful writing talent. On the other hand, many students have good writing but they cannot arrive at a meaningful statement.

• It is advisable that you tackle your issue yourself so as not to have any confusion later on in terms of cognitive problems. Dissertation statement is a process of highlighting your objective and for this you need to be cautious that you do not exaggerate or underplay as well while writing. You have to justify your topic, maintaining a good balance between what you have, what you can, and what you will—in context to the information accessible to you.

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