Dissertation research topics

May 15th, 2011

Some dissertation research topics

All dissertations have topics. If you choose a topic, you will need to then proceed to another topic, this other topic is usually called the subtopic. Your dissertation research topics can be as broad or as specific as you like.

In order to pick a topic, you need to first know what you are interested in. Under stand that dissertation research topics. Keep these ideas in mind as you think of a topic. Realize that depending on the kind of dissertations, your topics will vary because the type of dissertation you choose will be different than most. Dissertation research topics are everywhere. Choosing a dissertation for your main focus may be tough. Realize that all dissertation writing will be assessed. Even the well known PHD dissertations can be considered difficult to write and assess.

dissertation research topicsThoughts

1. Organize your mind and give it time to think of something that will be of interest to you.

2. Choose a topic that is broad enough so that you may find enough information.

3. Think of your topic in terms of mini subtopics which will help you with your sorting of information.

4. Let your topics informing you instead of you informing them.


1. Use sites such as google, msn and yahoo to give you ideas on what to find.

2. Once you have chosen a topic, search around that topic to better prepare you.

3. Choose a topic with plenty of citations.

Some Ideas for finance

1. Risk Management in Indian banking Industry

2. Managing credit risk in Agriculture Lending

3. Management of stressed assets

4.  Use of securitization to improve profitability and management of asset liability management

More topics

1. Investigation of the Role and Contribution of a Human Resources Department

2. Work Commitment: Full-time versus Part time workers

3. HR Performance Management and Improvement in XYZ Company

4. The Importance Of Flexibility In The Workplace

5. The Significance of Job Satisfaction

6. An Investigation into the Use of Ability Tests in the Selection Process

7. Main Causes Of Employee Satisfaction And Dissatisfaction Amongst Employees

8. Analyse Whether Part-Time Employees Have Been The Solution To Better Productivity

9. Risk And Innovation: A Cause For Tension?: Identifying And Understanding The Internal Factors Which Influence Risk Taking

10. Is the Human Resources Function Essential in Achieving Successful Organisational Change?

11. What Is The Current Practice Of Absence Management At A Large Local Authority

12. Management of cultural clashes and team motivation at work

13. Staff Turnover motivation and Psychological Contract

14. Leaders are born, not made, while others think that leadership is a quantifiable set of skills and ways of thinking that can be taught

15. How to motivate small businesses in a way that can sustain steady growth without adverse effects of the competition from larger companies.Any kind of dissertation requires attention.

Your dissertation research topics will require much more than just your attention, it will require your everything. Without your focus, and complete attention, the success of your dissertation will be minimal. So, take time out of your day, plan it, and decide that the time you take will be for your dissertation. Ask someone to help you find dissertation research topics.

If you find yourself in a rut and can’t come up with some topics, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are all here awaiting your call and we are available 24/7 for your writing needs. We will see to it that you have everything you need in order to have a complete dissertation free of plagiarism and confusion.