Dissertation research questions

August 15th, 2011

Have a dissertation research questions?

Its not every day we are asked to write a dissertation. Unless of course you are in Graduate School. Even some undergrad schools require some kind of dissertation or description of something special they are familiar with. But writing dissertations can be exciting.

Dissertation writing is essential in graduate school. The dissertations you write can be as easy as writing something about animals or it can be as hard as writing a PHD dissertation. However, many questions may arise.

There are several questions that you may need to ask in order to be able to write a good dissertation. Below the questions you will also find the answers. According to Dissertation Help, there are several questions that are being asked in order to create a good dissertation.

Dissertation research questionsQuestions with subtopics:

1. What is a great dissertation?

A great dissertation is one that invokes thought. Ideally a great dissertation should have the following features

Introduce a new concept

Given a solution to a particular problem

Eliminate an assumption that has been plaguing a field of study

Have these three features and your dissertation will definitely influence your field of research and be cited by other dissertations.

2. How do I start my dissertation?

This is one the most frequently asked dissertation questions. The best way to start is do some thorough research in your field of interest. How? Here are a few pointers.

Go through research papers that have appeared in top conferences regarding your field.

Go through some award winning theses. If you can’t find any go through any good sample of a dissertation you find in the internet.

Ask what sort of topic does your dissertation advisor have in his mind? What does he expect from.

When you clear your dissertation questions with your dissertation advisor and have some research work along with an idea of how to write a dissertation you are good to go with your very own dissertation.

3. How do I write a dissertation abstract?

Divide your dissertation into following parts.

What is the problem?

Why is the problem hard?

How will you be solving this particular problem?

What would result with your solution?

If you answer these and your dissertation abstract is good as done.

More Dissertation Questions that are more specific.

1. How do I write my dissertation outline?

Another one of the most frequently asked dissertation questions is regarding the dissertation outline.  Making a thesis outline can be a bit of a pain. The most standard dissertation outline should have the following things to make it complete.

Chapter 1: Introduction

Background of the Problem

Statement of the Problem

Purpose of the Study

Research Questions

Importance of the Study

Scope of the Study

Definition of Terms

Delimitations and Limitations

Chapter 2: literature review

Chapter 3: Research Methods

The Qualitative Paradigm

Qualitative Methods

Data Sources

Data Collection

Data Analysis


Chapter 4: Research Findings

Chapter 5: Conclusions, Discussion, and Suggestions for Future Research

2. What are the Does and Don’ts of dissertation writing?

In my point of view this is the most important of all dissertation questions. The simple does and don’ts provided in this article will definitely ease your worries.

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