Dissertation Research In Contrast To Fiction

March 21st, 2010

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• The student’s research is a vehicle for academia to evaluate his/her academic progress and for the student to prove plus enhance academic talents. Essentially, as a matter of fact, it must be a real research and cannot be fictitious expression. To justify its reality, unlike the fiction, the dissertation research necessitates empirical findings and literature review showing the research background. But, by associating the dissertation mainly to dissertation writing, a large number of students take it as only the written or printed set of papers. And, when it comes to any sort of writing, it swiftly reminds them of fiction writing. This thinking pattern needs a thorough change because your domain of writing is never an area of assessment on its own, except for the literature or linguistic papers.

• What you express or present through your writing is the real essence to be assessed. For the effectiveness of this essence in your papers, there must exist the research enabling you to say something new, different, and of your own. Yes, while your narration about your research, you can and should apply your writing skill, like that of the fiction writers; good language always makes things easier for the readers. For your dissertation research, there is no doubt about your fiasco when you incorporate imaginary materials in your papers because the people will catch you at one point or the other. Apparently, in research program, you have to present evidences for proving your points, be it empirical finding, literature review, methodology, etc.

• Thus, it is up to you to decide how much real and fictitious materials you are going to mix up, or else to submit a whole fictitious papers ! However, the imaginary papers are less harmful as compared to plagiarized papers. The plagiarism is an offence leading to serious consequence. Whereas, the imaginary writing can lead to failure of your papers, maximally.

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