Dissertation proposal outline

September 24th, 2010

What is a Dissertation proposal outline?

You have been given the job to write a dissertation for the topic of your choice. You know right off the bat what you want to write about. Upon speaking with your advisor, you are told that you need an outline for your proposal. Your dissertation proposal outlineis essential for admittance and acceptance of your dissertation topic and subtopic. It can be an exciting piece of writing if you put your mind to it and concentrate on what is necessary. But if you look at your dissertation proposal outline as like a job, you are cheating yourself out of the writing experience.

If you are like me, I find joy in writing. I have been writing for year and even allowed myself to be successful enough to write several books that are now on the market. One of my books caused my mother to disown me but essentially, it was my writing that showed me the importance of literature and what and how it can affect a person. Even before writing, some kind of planning needs to take place. Many students in my school respond well to POWER. This is an acronym for Plan, Organize,Write,Edit, and Revise. This helps my kids bring their writing to life.

When writing a dissertation, you need to create a dissertation proposal outline. This will be used by your advisor who will later let you know whether or not you may proceed with your work and your research. The outline and proposal gives you guidance, just like POWER does for my students.

When you create your dissertation proposal outline you are basically creating a document that states how you will write your proposal. Even a tourism dissertation and an information technology dissertation will require a proposal outline. Again, without these documents, you are approved or rejected for your project. In whatever form you want to write your dissertation in, such as a digital dissertation, you will still need a proposal, and an outline for the proposal will only make the writing process easier for you.

Your outline must include the following set up:

tourism dissertation, digital dissertation, information technology dissertationINTRODUCTORY PART
In this part you need to point out the problems you are going to discuss in your dissertation project. Now is the time to explain the importance of your research and create some key words you would like to focus on.
This part is an important summary of your work. Only focus on the methods you have chosen and write those literature sources that have a direct connection to your topic that you are going to focus on.

This is the most important part of your work. Be descriptive  and offer all necessary facts. You may want to include sub-topics at this point so that your adviser’s can your focus more clearly. Make sure to use different references.
Like all the other parts of your dissertation proposal, this part is important as well. Make sure your results and facts are logically connected.

It is not easy to write an outline but even less easy to write an entire dissertation. Remember that we are hear to assist you 24/7 and our staff is extremely and highly qualified.