A Journey From Dissertation Proposal To Dissertation Defense

November 10th, 2009

If you assume your dissertation journey to be a long railway journey, your first station is dissertation proposal and the last one will be dissertation defense. The former is a starting point and the latter will be your destination. In between, there will many small and big stations where your academic journey may come across stoppages; you would also like to take rest. One of such stations is Dissertation-Service.co.uk which is highly admired on account its nice “refreshing” services catered to the fatigued “passengers.” Furthermore, the service cost is reasonable and payment options are best—including PayPal, wire transfer, and credit cards. You will have the satisfactory services without any delay; just like right time arrival and on-time departure of train.

• Before you embark on from the platform of first station (proposal), you will have preparations including the dissertation ideas, dissertation topic, consultations, research, reading, etc. You need to check that you introduce the topic very well, plus present valuable statement/hypothesis, literature review of sufficient size, and understandable methodology before the dissertation proposal submission.

• The journey proceeds to the next major station, say, the experimental course in which you are supposed to undergo an experiential knowledge—required to establish facts about your proposed investigation.

• The dissertation introduction will be the next station your journey heads for. You must know your readers and introduce to them your entire project accordingly; it must satisfy their initial inquiry plus stir interests.

• The next will be the literature review where you have to present views of other authors or researchers in your words; what they think is the central focus. It must exhibit how their views on their projects get connected to those of your on your project.

• Then, it will be the time for the methodology chapter with your narration about what you did to prove your statement or find answers to your research questions. The data gathering and data analysis should lead to good results and findings. Unlike the dissertation proposal, the detailed explanation is the key substance here.

• After this, you will arrive at the station called the conclusion which will be based entirely on what you previously attained after the methodology implementation. It shows where you stand and how you justify your points.

• While you finish writing the conclusion, you come nearer to the submission of the hardcopy that still require the smaller components such as abstract, bibliography, acknowledgement, table of contents, appendices, etc. without which you cannot move forward to you last destination.

• In the interim, you will also have small stations such as dissertation timetable for regularity, drafts submissions, meetings with the committee, dissertation helps, outlines, revisions, editing, etc.

• The final station of dissertation defense demands for your oral presentation; however, this will consume the shortest time—just like you arriving at the last railway station and leaving it soon.

We are the real helpers for your comfortable journey from the dissertation proposal to dissertation defense. With us you will have great feelings of relief. If the dissertation samples are what you need, they will be delivered. Dissertation-Service.co.uk wishes you a happy and successful journey !