Dissertation proofreading

October 11th, 2010

Proofreading your dissertation

Once you are completely finished writing your dissertation, you may want to take some time and proofread it. Dissertation proofreading can be done by many different people, or by your own hands. It does not really matter how you do it, but it is important that it gets done before submitting your final research piece.
Some people take it step by step and begin their dissertation proofreading at the beginning. When they are finished with a section, they take the time to proofread. Others wait until they have completed their entire document. My personal opinion is to proofread your dissertation as you go completing certain parts of it. It will make less work in the end when and if you are pressed for time.
Any document, either being a song, dance or book needs to be proofread. If there is no proofreading, the writer is risking embarrassment because they may have included way too many mistakes in their writing and content. Dissertation proofreading is essential and is requested by your advisor.
All dissertation needs to be proofread. A university dissertation, or a phd dissertation needs to be thoroughly proofread as this piece of work becomes a document that can be published and submitted for public view.
A business dissertation should be proofread by people who are tied to the business field. It becomes a more accurate reflection if the people who proofread the documents are knowledgeable in the content itself.
university dissertation, phd dissertation, business dissertationDissertation proofreading is common in all universities and colleges. There are many sites available which are willing to help with the proofreading aspect of the dissertation. As a writer, I appoint people who are familiar with my topic to proofread my work so that I do not include inaccurate facts as actual content. They also check for grammar, spelling, and little simple mistakes we all make because our hands work faster that our minds at times.
The best way to do dissertation proofreading is to ask someone who is familiar with your content to take a look at it. It does not hurt to ask more than one person.
It is said that there are 2 main things to focus on when doing your dissertation proofreading. The first is spell check and the second is grammar check.

1. Spell check-read the entire text that you have written. Read if first silently and see if you catch any mistakes. Then, read it out loud to yourself and listen to the words and follow the words with your finger. Finishing my last book, I made sure to use a pointer to help me edit because I was not seeing my own mistakes at a glance.

2. Grammar check-depending on the person, you may find that the structure of their writing is slightly more complex. I, for one, follow the normal grammatical structure but because I am a writer, I use many more adjectives and flowery words. I organize my structure in a slightly different manner in order to capture the eye and ear of my readers. Sometimes being slightly unconventional will draw a crowd. That is what poetry does.

In any way, shape or form writing can be a joy and it can also be a great disappointment. But either way, dissertation proofreading is extremely necessary, it saves your butt and makes you look just a little bit more intelligent.

Do not hesitate to call us as we specialize in matters such as these. We are available to assist you with your writing needs and find joy in helping people out. We guarantee a good work on our part and are available 24/7 with any questions you may have.