Dissertation Project Produced, Directed, and Acted With Background Score

March 12th, 2010

Students generally take their academic assignment and project to be only academic matter—something which yields them a degree that they want. Dissertation project calls for an attitude change in order to benefit the students from other dimensions, apart from an acquisition of degree certificates. Dissertation-Service.co.uk deals with any academic papers but a fact is that the students prefer us mostly for their dissertations. The name of our website may play tricks on your mind, enough for you to believe that we will reject all your essay, assignment, or coursework. It is totally untrue if you believe so, because we possess an unbiased mind, helpful to all students with all papers from all academic fields, across the globe.

• The project of dissertation is not strictly an academic affair—unlike schools, colleges, and universities along with professors and teachers who disappear from our life once we leave them. Broadly speaking, the education is one of few things that remain attached to us throughout the lifespan with close bonds. And, hence, there should be a good correspondence between the dissertation project and student’s future life. Rather than being just an academic matter, it should also be a personal and professional matter. What you can learn out of it and how much it will help you in future are two core objectives—common for all dissertations. But, unfortunately, the students remain focused only on how to write a better dissertation.

• The project of dissertation is like a film project. This can be one simile that gives us an insight into how we should deal with our dissertation. As we know, the film producers, directors, actors, and musicians put extra efforts and money in order to make a good film that can stand apart from the competition. The director chooses actors/actresses, locations, theme, etc. with emphasis on acting ability, suitability, and expectations in context to the film and characters, and on what s/he aspires as an editor.

• If you closely observe your dissertation project sounds to be similar. The producer decides capital investment keeping in mind the nature of storyline and the cast. Then, the film project starts; every shot is recorded with as much rehearsals, cuts, and retakes as need be. The stars with onscreen performances and musicians with background score endeavor to enthrall the viewers. They all, most apparently, have a strong concern regarding their career profile, especially in regard to the future.

• The dissertation and film project can be alike—with only difference that you have to play all roles, i.e. as a producer, director, musician, and actor of your project. Interestingly, you cast the actors other than you (advisor, methodology, materials, participants, etc.), choose dissertation topic, compose literature review (background score), and perform with empirical findings and dissertation writing. And, hence, you must be as serious as the film personalities with the same level of interest and future planning.

Lastly, in your dissertation project, you do require an assistant director or an elite star to make a guest appearance. Who else other than Dissertation-Service.co.uk can do that !