Dissertation process

August 29th, 2010

Every dissertation has a dissertation process.

Every dissertation has a dissertation process. You can think of writing a dissertation like baking a cake. If you want the cake to turn out good, and well cooked, you need to follow the directions. The dissertation process is similar to directions in a recipe to bake a cake. Its not only about the writing, but the process is long and arduous but rewarding ni the end.

If you want to assemble a bicycle for your young child, you better hope there is a set of instructions in the box. The instructions tell you what part goes where. Without the instructions, you may find yourself with a backwards or upside down bike due to where you put the pieces. Everything has its process and so do dissertations. Follow the dissertation process and you will have a good piece of writing.

It does not matter what kind of dissertation you are writing, there is still a process that needs to be taken into consideration. Writing a political science dissertation sounds like a complicated piece of work. But I guarantee that if you take time to break down the requirements, and follow the process, you will have a successful piece of writing.

If you are interested in attracting people to your country, your state, your town, or a small business in your town, you will probably need to write a tourism dissertation. This dissertation can be fun because you get to talk about the ways in which you will lure people to your setting. But even a tourism dissertation, like any other dissertation has a certain process that needs to be followed. If you neglect the steps or process, you neglect the whole of your dissertation.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the concept of writing a dissertation, or figuring out how all the pieces of the puzzle fit perfectly, you may want to refer to a dissertation guide. This guide will help you in your process of not just writing your dissertation, but also choosing what topic to focus on.

I like to think of our company as a guide for those who are not familiar with dissertations. Please do not hesitate to call us or email us and we will be there to assist you.

The dissertation process is actually quite easy to follow but it is a long journey. Pack your lunch, bring a blanket, a bottle of water and your thinking caps. I am going to take you through the dissertation process.

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1. Prospectus (a committee who will read your dissertation is needed and is the first part of your dissertation. This person helps you design your dissertation. Using these people will help you with hard decisions during your research.)

2. Thesis/dissertation Approval (the reading committee decides whether your thesis can is approved and research can begin. Without this approval, you have no right to proceed with your dissertation. Make sure the person approving your piece is outside of the topic or subject, therefore it is coming from a non-biased opinion.

3. The oral defense (is scheduled at least 2 weeks after the approval.)Your oral defense itself has steps to follow please do research on the requirements for your oral defense.

4. Summary of deadline and submission procedures (there is a nine step summary of when to submit the different parts of your dissertation.) Make sure to research this section carefully so that you are aware of the requirements.

5. Three person option (an alternative to an actual dissertation which allows you to receive equal credit. They are written in the form of an article that possesses substantial knowledge on the topic.)
6. Suggestions from a graduate (look for feedback from other graduates who have gone through the process.)

7. Back to Handbook (always refer back to your handbook as it is pretty detailed and specific regarding what is expected of you in regards to your dissertation.

As life continues, there are many processes that make our experiences valuable. If you go down the line, and start at #1, you will find the dissertation process to be very self-explanatory. Do your research and get out there and begin your steps to producing a good piece of work. And don’t forget to use our company for help. We make the transition smooth and we have no tolerance for plagiarism.